BA Cabin Crew Strike: Saturday 1 July – Sunday 16 July 2017

Some British Airways London Heathrow cabin crew are due to take industrial action from Saturday 1 July to Sunday 16 July 2017.

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British Airways Cabin Crew (Image Credit: British Airways)
British Airways Cabin Crew (Image Credit: British Airways)

Unite, the union which represents British Airways “Mixed Fleet” cabin crew at London Heathrow, has called for further industrial action over sixteen consecutive days from Saturday 1 July to Sunday 16 July 2017.

This is continuation of a dispute that led to a call for industrial action today (Friday 16 June) which was suspended to allow for talks at the conciliation service ACAS.   Talks are likely to continue between now and July.

BA has yet to its confirm its schedules during the strike. However, it does say that all customers will be able to reach their destinations during the strike, suggesting that short-haul routes with multiple flights a day are most at risk of cancellations.

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What can be confirmed now is:

  • All flights from London City, London Gatwick and London Stansted will operate as normal.
  • All flights from UK regional airports (apart from flights to London Heathrow) will operate as normal
  • The majority of flights from London Heathrow will operate as normal with some flights merged
  • Flights operated by codeshare partners, Oneworld alliance members and other airlines owned by BA’s parent company IAG are not affected
  • BA will not publish a full list of cancelled flights as it evidently keen to play down the impact of the industrial action.
  • If your flight is cancelled you will offered the opportunity to rebook to an alternative flight or a refund

The impact of the strike is likely to be low. The best advice is to check your booking using the Manage My Booking tool and ensure your e-mail and telephone contact details are up to date.  In addition, it is a good idea to download the BA app to your smartphone to receive notifications about your flight.

You can also check live flight information on the websites of Heathrow and BA.

At present, BA is not allowing any proactive rebooking to flights outside of the strike action and any changes or cancellations to existing bookings will be made in accordance with the fare rules at the time of booking.

In terms of the risk of further industrial action, the union is required to give 14 days’ notice to BA.  So if there are no announcements two weeks before your flight you can assume it is not a risk of strike action.

Are there any indications of routes most at risk of cancellation?

BA has three cabin crew fleets at London Heathrow. These are known internally as EuroFleet, Worldwide and Mixed Fleet. Each fleet operates designated routes. Only routes operated at Mixed Fleet are at risk of cancellation.

During the last strikes by Mixed Fleet earlier this year, these routes experienced cancellations:

Short-Haul: Aberdeen, Dusseldorf, Gibraltar, Hamburg, Manchester, Marseille, Oslo, Stuttgart

Long-Haul: Doha, San Jose

There is no guarantee that routes not mentioned above are not at risk of cancellation, nor that the above routes are at risk of cancellation this time. However, in the absence of any published contingency plans, it is the best we can give.

Update 21 June: BA operated flights between London Heathrow and Doha have been cancelled.  BA123 has been cancelled from 1 July to 6 July.  BA122 has been cancelled from 2 July to 7 July.  Affected passengers will be rebooked onto Qatar Airways.

Update 23 June: BA has applied to the Civil Aviation Authority, which is the regulatory body for the sector in the UK, to “wet lease” up to nine Qatar registered short-haul Airbus aircraft and crews to cover flights during the period of industrial action. The application is on the CAA website.

Update 27 June:  BA has cancelled the following long-haul services for the first seven days of industrial action. Short-haul cancellations are yet to be confirmed:

Saturday 1 July

BA079 London Heathrow to Muscat

Sunday 2 July

BA080 Muscat to London Heathrow

BA083 London Heathrow to Abuja

Monday 3 July 

BA082 Abuja to London Heathrow

BA125 London Heathrow to Bahrain

Tuesday 4 July

BA124 Bahrain to London Heathrow

BA109 London Heathrow to Dubai

BA173 London Heathrow to New York JFK

BA112 New York JFK to London Heathrow

Wednesday 5 July 

BA108 Dubai to London Heathrow

BA133 London Heathrow to Jeddah

BA075 London Heathrow to Lagos

BA074 Lagos to London Heathrow

Thursday 6 July 

BA132 Jeddah to London Heathrow

BA067 London Heathrow to Philadelphia

BA066 Philadelphia to London Heathrow

BA083 London Heathrow to Abuja

Friday 7 July

BA083 Abuja to London Heathrow

Update 30 June:  Nine Qatar Airways aircraft are being flown to London Heathrow to provide cover for the industrial action. These will operate early morning departures (and the subsequent inbound flight) from London Heathrow to Brussels, Kiev, Krakow, Munich, Nice, Oslo, Sofia, Tallin and Zurich on Saturday 1 July. Given the fluid nature of the situation there may be additional flights operated by Qatar added throughout the day.

Update 3 July: BA is planning to operate a full short-haul schedule with the assistance of leased aircraft from Qatar Airways.  A small number of long-haul flights remain cancelled, as per the list above.

Update 4 July:  BA services to Doha continue to be cancelled and are currently showing as cancelled until Tuesday 11 July for BA123 and Wednesday 12 July for BA122.

Update 5 July: Unite has called for a further 14 days of industrial action from Wednesday 19 July to Tuesday 1 August.

Update 6 July: The period of cancellations has been extended to Sunday 16 July for BA123 and Monday 17 July for BA122.

Update 8 July: BA continues to cancel flights at London Heathrow as a consequence of industrial action. These are primarily long-haul flights to destinations including Doha, Boston, Chicago, Dallas Fort Worth and Philadelphia.