Travel Technology Bulletin – Tuesday 14 November 2017

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Sonos One (Image Credit: Sonos)

Hello and welcome to the weekly bulletin featuring the latest developments on travel and technology around the world, published every Tuesday at 07:00 GMT / 08:00 CET.

Sonos opens its London flagship

Sonos opens its first flagship shop in Europe this coming Thursday, at 21-23 Earlham Street, Seven Dials in Covent Garden.

The shop opens with a special event (sadly sold out) on Friday featuring personal stories about David Bowie songs from Nick Rhodes, Graham Coxon and Peaches. The two storey shop, like Sonos’ New York flagship, features “listening rooms” as well as an events space in the basement. Again, if its New York shop is anything go by, expect regular live sessions and listening events.

Microsoft and Samsung are also due to open flagship stores in London, at Oxford Circus and Kings Cross respectively.

There was not such good news for another American technology company in London. The Apple Store on Regent Street was raided in the early hours of Monday morning. A full report in the Evening Standard.

KLM Messenger

KLM, one of the leading airlines in the world for its use of social media tools, has extended use its of Messenger for handling customer queries. You can contact KLM via Messenger through its website.


As you couldn’t fail to have noticed if you’ve logged on to Twitter in the past week, all users can now send 280 character tweets. No doubt this is much to the frustration of airline social media teams. This is a shame it has to be said. The requirement for brevity, which does take some effort, was its unique feature.

BBC News Online celebrates 20 years

BBC News Online celebrated its 20th anniversary last week. It’s certainly a cause for celebration. However, it has to be said what was once a pioneer now feels like it’s in a holding pattern. A combination of budget cuts and the pressure from the BBC’s commercial rivals on a sympathetic Conservative Government has severely clipped its wings.

One modest change is the ability to provide local news based on your chosen location and preferred reach from this.

Also of note this week:

Google adds estimated wait times for restaurants on its search and maps tools.

Wallpaper visits Apple Park in Cupertino and interviews Sir Jonathan Ive.

Bloomberg also reports that Apple is working an augmented reality headset,

Instagram trailing the ability to follow posts by hashtags.

Wired identifies the use of Russian bots in the EU Referendum campaign. This story has a long way to go. Tech Stories That Matter updates on what has been happening Stateside.

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