Travel Technology Bulletin – Tuesday 5 December 2017

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Hello and welcome to the weekly bulletin featuring the latest developments on travel and technology around the world, published every Tuesday at 07:00 GMT / 08:00 CET.

BBC to stream Blue Planet II in UHD HDR

The BBC is to stream all seven episodes of Blue Planet II in Ultra High Defintion and High Dynamic Range (“UHD HDR”) through the BBC iPlayer on selected models of smart TVs this Sunday. This is the first time the BBC has made an entire TV series available in UHD HDR. A full technical brief is available from BBC Research & Development. Have you clicked yet?

If you’ve visited recently then you couldn’t fail to notice that BA has been revamping its website. In essence, the website seems to be moving from a pure transactional facility to a more consultative/editorial guide to travel. has not been the most reliable of websites over the past 12 months, so hopefully an equivalent amount of work has been done to improve its back-end reliability. (BA Media Centre)

Virgin Media revamps its remote access / streaming apps

Virgin Media is to replace its “TV Anywhere” app later this month.

Currently the app has the functionality to both remotely control your set-top box and stream selected channels over WiFi on your smartphone and tablet. This will be replaced by two new apps. The Virgin TV Anywhere app will be replaced by Virgin TV Control which will continue to control your box remotely. A new app, Virgin TV Go, will allow you to stream selected TV channels on your smartphone and tablet, and, for the first time on a 3G and 4G network. More details from Virgin Media.

CNN Reliable Sources

The past seven days have seen very significant developments on the other side of the Atlantic in two stories that have been unfolding over many months: sexual harassment in media and entertainment industries; and Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference into the 2016 Presidential Election.

NBC fired Matt Lauer from The Today Show, which he has hosted for over 20 years, following allegations over his conduct.

Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor to Presidnt Trump, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and is co-operating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. The sheer pace of developments is borderline exhausting. We strongly recommend following CNN Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter. In particular, Brian produces an excellent daily newsletter which provides an excellent precis of daily media coverage and developments.

Also of note this week:

Apple has updated its iOS operating system to iOS11.2. As ever it is recommended to download the software update as soon as it is available to take advantage of the latest security patches.

Airbus, Rolls Royce, and Siemens team up to develop electric powered aircraft. (Airbus)

ITV News launches three online only news programmes including “Now What?” by Robert Peston. (The Drum)

Spotify tots up your most played songs, artists and genres of the year in 2017 Wrapped.

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