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Josie Pepper, Munich Airport (Image Credit: Lufthansa)

Hello and welcome to our weekly travel media and technology bulletin featuring the latest developments on media and technology around the world, published every Tuesday at 06:00 GMT.

Samsung unveils Galaxy S9 S9+ smartphones

Samsung has unveiled its new Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones ahead of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with its dual aperture camera as the main selling point. The camera will be on sale from Thursday 8 March 2018 and is available for pre-order now.

AirBnB sets its sights on air travel

Every so often someone prominent in the technology sector suggests that the air travel industry is ripe for disruption. If only someone could launch the equivalent of Uber to “disrupt” aviation and all passenger complaints about overbookings, tight legroom would be ameliorated.

Step forward Airbnb founder Brian Chesky who told the Sunday Times last week that Airbnb has its sights on air travel.

Air travel is the very antithesis of Airbnb and Uber. The latter have grown huge networks based on utilising the assets of others and, in many cases, sidestepping local regulations that incumbents are required to follow. It is simply not possible to grow a global airline without committing huge amounts of capital, and aviation has proven it can destroy capital like no other. Also, aviation is about everyone doggedly following the rules without fail. And for good reason. The excellent safety record of air travel is a direct consequence.

Streaming Media

The BBC brings back The Old Grey Whistle Test for one night only. But where was Annie Nightingale?

The eminently listenable Katie Puckrick sits in for Ana Matronic’s Disco Devotion on BBC Radio 2.

Star Alliance Digital Services Platform

The Star Alliance whose principal members include United, Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines are introducing a “Digital Services Platform”.

Developed with Accenture, the intention is to enable Star Alliance passengers to use any member airline website and mobile app to manage their journeys on any Star Alliance airline. So, for example, a United Airlines customer travelling on Singapore Airlines can now use United’s website and apps to select a seat on a Singapore Airlines operated flight.

There are more details of the platform’s functionality and long term plans from Lufthansa.

Lufthansa’s Humanoid

Lufthansa has introduced a humanoid robot “Josie Pepper” (pictured above) at Munich airport to interact with passengers. (Lufthansa)

Also of note this week:

One of the last great English language Sunday newspapers, The New York Times, sets out The Case Against Google. (The New York Times)

Inside The Brits social media strategy to increase TV audience figures. (The Drum)

Driverless Cars: Mapping The Trouble Ahead. (Financial Times)

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