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Two contrasting Wired Magazine covers on Facebook
Two contrasting Wired Magazine covers on Facebook (Image Credit: Wired)

Hello and welcome to our weekly travel media and technology bulletin featuring the latest developments on media and technology around the world, published every Tuesday at 06:00 BST.


Facebook CEO and Chairman Mark Zuckerberg, still under siege over the alleged unauthorised use of Facebook users’ data by third parties, is due to appear before two Senate committees in the United States, beginning with the Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees on Tuesday afternoon (local time).

In advance of these hearings Facebook has announced a series of platform and policy changes:

It has removed 70 Facebook and 65 Instagram accounts, and 138 Facebook Pages that were controlled by the Russia-based Internet Research Agency (Facebook)

A number of restrictions have been placed on data made available to Facebook apps. Facebook has also disabled the ability to look up users with their e-mail address and phone number. From yesterday, Monday 9 April 2018, Facebook will begin to proactively advise users of the apps they are using and the data they are sharing with these apps. Facebook has also begun to notify some 87 million users that their data may have been shared with Cambridge Analytica. (Facebook)

Facebook has also announced a series of planned measures for increased transparency for political advertisements and pages on the platform. (Facebook)

5G Spectrum Auction

The UK communications regulator, OFCOM, has completed the first space of an auction of spectrum for 5G mobile services.

EE, Hutchison 3G and Vodafone have successfully bid for spectrum allocated to the 5G mobile services. The auction process is not yet complete so it will be some time before new services launch. (OFCOM)

Separately, Vodafone has announced a number of measures to improve mobile coverage on existing networks at London Heathrow and on the Heathrow Express. (Vodafone)

Also of note this week:

When the inevitable Chilcot-style public inquiry into Brexit takes place, its terms of reference should encompass UK domestic media coverage of the EU. The prejudices of the press are well known. However, the BBC’s structually flawed coverage of the referendum and its passive and timid coverage of the post-referendum Brexit negotiations – hamstrung in part by its own interpretation of the concept of impartiality – has been a huge disservice. The BBC’s Nick Robinson attempts to defend the corporation’s coverage of Brexit. (The New Statesman)

The nominations for this year’s British Podcast Awards will be announced at 10am today. (British Podcast Awards)

A plea for lo-tech hotel rooms. (Financial Times)

Why I’m suing over my dream internship [at Monocle magazine] (The Guardian)

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