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Hello and welcome to our weekly travel media and technology bulletin featuring the latest developments on media and technology around the world, published every Tuesday at 06:00 BST.

Wardour News To Close

Any one who has ever visited Soho in London with any degree of frequency could not fail to have noticed Wardour News at 118-120 Wardour Street.

The long-standing newsagent sold titles from the around the world on travel, as well as fashion and design. It will close its doors permanently on Friday 25 May 2018 after nearly 34 years in business. There have been heartfelt tributes from The Evening Standard and Vogue.

Its closure will leave a hole in Soho which has long been steadily turning from the home of London’s creative industries into a gastronomic theme peak. A few doors down from Wardour News is a restaurant dedicated to toasted cheese sandwiches. If that wasn’t absurd enough, around the corner on Old Compton Street is a venue dedicated to serving potato crisps…

Google I/O Conference

Google held its annual “I/O” conference last week.

There were no less than 100 announcements across Google’s suite of products. These include new voices and custom routines for the Google Assistant and additional self-controls as part of Google’s Digital Wellbeing initiative.

The Spoken Word on Spotify

Bloomsbury has signed a deal with Spotify to make its 33 1/3 books available on the platform. (The Book Seller)

National Public Radio is also making its podcasts which include Fresh Air and TED Radio Hour available on the platform. (NPR)

Also of note this week:

BBC Radios 1, 2, Five Live and commercial radio stations around the UK are to join forces at 10:59 BST today, 14 May 2018, to broadcast a minute long message about mental health. (RadioCentre)

In the quest for ever more aesthetically pleasing and higher resolution TV screens, sound has become somewhat overlooked in television. The BBC “Sounds Amazing” audio conference looks at ideas to improve the audio experience for viewers and listeners, such as binaural sound. (BBC Academy)

Brian Stelter of CNN’s Reliable Sources interviews Trevor Noah of the Daily Show. (CNN)

CNN’s Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour joins PBS on a permanent basis with a daily show “Amanpour & Company” (Hollywood Reporter)

Facebook has suspended 200 apps pending a full investigation into misuse of member data on the platform. (Facebook)

Here’s an extraordinarily detailed account on the close relationship between President Tump and Sean Hannity of Fox News. (New York Magazine)

It’s “Upfront” season in New York this week where, in a longstanding tradition, the American TV networks pitch their new shows to advertisers. The New York Times looks at why traditional TV is in trouble, a trend that is likely to follow on this side of the atlantic. (The New York Times)

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