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Hello and welcome to our weekly travel media and technology bulletin featuring the latest developments on media and technology around the world, published every Tuesday at 06:00 BST.

Instagram launches IGTV

If you’ve logged into Instagram lately, you may have noticed a new icon at the top of your screen for IGTV.

Instagram is now allowing “creators” to post long form videos up to 10 minutes long (or one hour for larger accounts). Ordinarily, videos posted to your Instagram feed are limited to 1 minute. Irritatingly, IGTV videos must be in portrait format. Videos are infinitely better on the eye in horizontal widescreen format as it fits your natural frame of view. IGTV is also available as a separate app. (Instagram)

MTV launches MTV Studios

Back in 1992, when MTV had not long celebrated its 10th birthday, it launched a show called “The Real World”.

Featuring seven strangers sharing an apartment in Manhattan, the “fly on the wall” cameras documented their lives as they tried to make it in New York. Whilst The Real World certainly wasn’t the first ever reality TV programme, it did create a template that many followed, notably “Big Brother”. This also marked a move by a channel which had its origins in music videos into non-music programming. Many others followed such as “Beavis and Butthead” and “Jackass”.

MTV has launched a new division called “MTV Studios” which is to bring back a number of these previous formats for platforms outside of MTV itself, such as Netflix and Amazon. (Viacom)

BBC to show Wimbledon in Ultra HD

The BBC continues to trial Ultra HD live streaming on the BBC iPlayer.

The BBC will show every match from Centre Court at Wimbledon in Ultra HD. Like its World Cup coverage, Ultra HD streaming will only be available to a limited number of users with compatible smart TVs. Wimbledon returns on Monday 2 July 2018. (BBC Media Centre)

Also of note this week:

Amazon launches “Alexa For Hospitality”. This is a special version of its voice-recognition software for the hotel industry to install in hotel rooms. A lot of corporate and public organisations may be naturally suspicious about listening devices being installed in hotel rooms. (Amazon)

Apple is reported to be working new AirPods which are noise-cancelling and water resistant, as well as a new HomePod device and what are claimed to be studio quality over ear headphones. (Bloomberg)

BBC2 begins showing “The New York Times: The Fourth Estate”, a four part fly-on-the-wall series covering its reporting of the Trump presidency over a period of 16 months. (BBC iPlayer)

The BBC has a global audience of 376m. (BBC Media Centre)

Facebook has hired an investigative team to try and anticipate potential means by which the platform can be used. The only surprising thing is that it didn’t do this sooner. (Buzzfeed)

The scourge of “influencer” marketing fraud. (The Drum)

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