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Hello and welcome to our weekly travel media and technology bulletin featuring the latest developments on media and technology around the world, published every Tuesday at 06:00 BST.

Sky Wars

The long-running battle for ownership of Sky in Europe should reach a head this week.

Fox and Comcast have been locked in a bidding war for Sky after Disney launched a now successful bid for the entertainment assets of Fox. The deadline for Fox to launch a counter bid to Comcast expires this Thursday.

The New York Times reports on Disney’s advanced plans to launch its own streaming service dubbed “Disneyflix”. It is expected that as part of this Disney will remove much of its own content from Netflix.

Comcast it has to be said does not have the best of reputations in the US. We’ve experienced at first hand its broadband network outages. It also owns NBC which let go of journalist Ronan Farrow who had been working on one of the biggest stories to break in Hollywood – the expose of Harvey Weinstein. NBC News has also faced questions over its own workplace culture which led to the firing of Today Show presenter Matt Later last year.

The Monocle Summer Weekly Returns

If you’ve yet to take your summer holiday and prefer a more analogue option on the beach or poolside then Monocle’s newspaper “The Monocle Summer Weekly” returns.

Published every Thursday over the next four weeks it is on the newsstand at the handsome price of £5. (Monocle)

Also of note this week:

Apple’s Trillion Dollar World. (Bloomberg) (The New York Times)

CNN’s Brian Stelter on the story telling power of Donald Trump. (CNN)

Publishing powerhouse Conde Nast, known for editors past and present (Graydon Carter, Anna Wintour) with spheres of influence far beyond their print pages, grapples with falling print advertising revenue and changing audience expectations. (The New York Times)

How Instagram beat Snapchat at its own game with Instagram Stories. (The Verge)

Australian radio station Triple J (sort of the Australian equivalent to BBC Radio 1) on its survey of young Australians. (Triple J)

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