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The BBC Sounds App
The BBC Sounds App (Image Credit: BBC)

Hello and welcome to our weekly travel media and technology bulletin, published every Tuesday at 06:00 GMT.

BBC launches BBC Sounds

The BBC has officially launched its new audio app BBC Sounds.

BBC Sounds is intended to ultimately replace its iPlayer radio app and brings the BBC’s live radio stations, on-demand audio and podcasts into one app.

You may have seen BBC Radio services have rebranded their social media feeds “Radio 1 on BBC Sounds”. The launch is supported by a big budget marketing campaign produced by BBC Creative with Riff Raff Films and directed by MegaForce

At the moment the app is only available for download in the UK. As you have to sign in to access the app’s content you can continue listening where you left off on other devices. To drive take-up of the app, some podcasts are only available on the app. It also features exclusive mixes and archive comedy and drama.

The Guardian launches daily news podcast

The Guardian has joined The New York Times and The Financial Times in launching a daily news podcast.

Published every weekday “Today In Focus” selects one issue for each 20 minute edition. The BBC has also launched a similar single issue daily podcast “Beyond Today”.

Also of note this week:

For a time, and much to the frustration of the BBC’s commercial rivals, it seemed that BBC Radio 2 was an indomitable force in radio. With a generous budget and a solid line-up of talent it seemed impenetrable. However, a chain of events, such as the BBC being forced to publish presenter salaries and some clumsy talent management, is unsteadying the ship. The BBC has lost two major presenters in a matter of months and the commercial vultures are now circling. Mark Lawson explains what’s going on. (RadioTimes)

The latest series from the indefatigable Sir David Attenborough Dynasties debuts on UK television this Sunday. Viewers with a compatible smart TV will be able to watch it in Ultra HD on the BBC iPlayer for connected TVs.

The BBC plans to merge the production of the “The World Tonight” on BBC Radio 4 and “Newshour” on The World Service. (Sunday Times)

The UK bids farewell to “Big Brother” one of the few shows that, for better or for worse, genuinely changed television. Philip Edgar-Jones, Creative Director of the UK version in its first decade is unapologetic. (The Guardian)

Dutton, a Penguin Random House imprint, releases its first batch of mini books that can be read with one hand. (The New York Times)

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