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Google Pixel Curiosity Rooms
Google Pixel Curiosity Rooms (Image Credit: Google)

Hello and welcome to our weekly travel media and technology bulletin, published every Tuesday at 06:00 GMT.

Google Curiosity Rooms At Regent Street

Google has opened its “Curiosity Rooms” at 55 Regent Street, London.

The venue is open from Thursdays to Sundays until Sunday 16 December 2018. Unfortunately all the talks are sold out. However, there is still plenty see.

Set across three floors and inspired by the Google Pixel 3 phone it includes features such as Top Shot, Group Selfie Cam and Google Lens.

Also of note this week:

BBC Radio 1 poaches Rickie, Melvin and Charlie from KISS FM. (BBC)

b8ta showcases its products in Virgin Atlantic’s New York JFK Clubhouse. (Virgin Atlantic)

Financial Times Editor Lionel Barber on the future of financial journalism. (Financial Times)

What happens in the US soon happens in the UK: Viewers turn away from network TV in favour of streaming services. (The New York Times)

Time magazine lists the Top 10 podcasts of 2018. (Time)

Is British Vogue Editor Edward Enninful the next Anna Wintour? (The Washington Post)

The Washington Post launches its new daily podcast “Post Reports” published every weekday 17:00 EST from Monday 3 December 2018. (The Washington Post)

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