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“Santa’s Little Helpers” by John Cuneo for The New Yorker

Hello and welcome to our weekly travel media and technology bulletin, published every Tuesday at 06:00 GMT.

This is our last bulletin for 2018. It will return on Tuesday 15 January 2019.

Spotify’s 2018 Wrapped

Unless you’ve been on a social media blackout over the past week, you couldn’t have failed to notice Spotify’s 2018 wrapped.

With services like Spotify there’s a fine line between using data effectively to create personalised experiences and giving customers the impression they’re just one entry in a massive database to be mined for someone else’s benefit.

Spotify stays on the right side of the line. Check out your most played artists, songs and genres at Spotify 2018 Wrapped.

BBC iPlayer Boxsets

In preparation for the Christmas holidays, the BBC has added over 100 TV drama, comedy and documentary “box sets” to the BBC iPlayer. (BBC)

Box sets of audio podcasts and mixes will also be available on the BBC Sounds app. (BBC)

Also of note this week:

Apple acquires London based A&R tech company Platoon. (Music Business Worldwide)

The BBC releases its Sound of 2019 long list. (BBC)

Google trials personalised audio news on the Google Assistant. (Nieman Labs)

TIME magazine will name its person of the year today. The shortlist was unveiled yesterday. Donald Trump is likely to be riled by the fact he shares the shortlist with Robert Mueller. In advance it has also released its 100 images of the year. (TIME)

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