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“The Inventor: Out For Blood In Silicon Valley” (Image Credit: HBO)

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“Fake it till you make it”

HBO investigates Theranos, a once multi-billion dollar healthcare company, founded by the charismatic Elizabeth Holmes.

“Move fast and break things” has long been the mantra of Silicon Valley. It’s not such a wise idea when it comes to people’s health.

Thermos had promised to revolutionise healthcare with a proprietary blood testing kit that was not only more effective and considerably cheaper than its alternatives. The company had high profile backers, including Rupert Murdoch and Larry Ellison. Holmes was feted as the Steve Jobs of healthcare.

There was one small problem. It simply didn’t work. The entire product was an artifice. Not only that, its products put patients health at risk. The company is now worthless. Its founder is due to stand trial, charged with defrauding investors, doctors and patients.

“The Inventor: Out For Blood In Silicon Valley” documentary premieres next month on HBO in the US. There’s no date set yet for broadcast in the UK.

Also of note this week:

Apple is expected to launch a new video streaming service featuring original content this autumn. (Variety)

Apple may announce the new service at a press event at its Apple Park campus on 25 March, where it is also expected to unveil details of its news subscription service. (Buzzfeed)

It has also been reported that Apple has hired Sam Jadallah to revamp its smart home business to compete against Amazon and Google. (CNBC)

Facebook under fire again in the UK is also negotiating a multi-billion dollar fine with the US Government for privacy lapses. (Washington Post)

This Time with Alan Partridge. A Q&A. (BBC)

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