Travel Media & Technology Bulletin – Tuesday 23 April 2019

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Two contrasting Wired Magazine covers on Facebook
Two contrasting Wired Magazine covers on Facebook (Image Credit: Wired)

Hello and welcome to our weekly travel media and technology bulletin featuring the latest developments on media and technology around the world, published every Tuesday at 06:00 BST.

WIRED on Facebook

WIRED magazine has an extensive essay on “15 months of fresh hell inside Facebook” as the company stumbled as it sought to confound its critics and reform itself.

It includes the detail that following the magazine cover on the right, an ad targeted at WIRED readers was mistakenly categorised as “engagement bait” which led to a 90% drop in referral traffic from Facebook.

As the UK Government plans measures to make technology companies responsible for harmful online content, the New York Times reports on tensions between the views of Governments outside the US and conservative / free speech forces in the US on regulating freedom of speech on the internet.

The power of television

For all the talk of Netflix, and its many forthcoming rivals, the vast majority of television viewing is still with linear broadcasting channels.

As part of its “More Than TV” brand advertising campaign, ITV has released a new film narrated by Sir Trevor McDonald OBE highlighting some of the powerful stories told across its drama, entertainment and factual programming over the past 60 years.

Also of note this week:

Amazon and Google introduce free music streaming to their respective smart speaker devices. (Rolling Stone)

Beyonce is reported to have signed a three project deal with Netflix worth no less than $60m. This includes the recent “Homecoming” documentary now streaming on the platform. (Variety)

James Murdoch plans to invest $1bn in media companies. (Financial Times)

The National Cyber Security Centre publishes the most hacked passwords. (NCSC)

The New Yorker publishes its latest travel issue, which includes an extensive report on the impact of AirBnb in Barcelona. (New Yorker)

Major social media channels in Sri Lanka have been blocked following the bombing of churches and hotels on Sunday. (Netblocks)

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