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Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook F8 Conference 2019
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook F8 Conference 2019 (Image Credit: Facebook)

Hello and welcome to our weekly travel media and technology bulletin featuring the latest developments on media and technology around the world, published every Tuesday at 06:00 BST.

It’s developer conference season for big technology companies.

Facebook held its F8 developer conference last week. Here are some of the main highlights:

A messenger app later this year which is promised to be faster and lighter and a new desktop app.

A redesigned Facebook app is now being rolled out, distinguishable from its all white designed. A designed desktop version of the site will launch later this year. Facebook will also add “Meet New Friends” and “Secret Crush” features. (Facebook)

On a related note, a large number of outlets including The Guardian and Politico are essentially running the same story, based on access granted by Facebook “Inside Facebook’s European Elections War Room”.

Facebook did a very similar PR effort before the US mid-term elections last year, and the “war room” was promptly disbanded shortly afterwards.

As per a news release from Facebook last night, it continues to play whack-a-mole with malicious actors from Russia.

Also of note this week:

As Amazon promises one-day shipping for Prime members in the US, this is an excellent account of the launch of Amazon Prime from former Amazon employees. (Vox)

Bloomberg reports that Apple will unveil plans for its next mobile operating system iOS13 at its Worldwide Developers Conference next month. Updates include improvements to core apps such as mail, maps and messaging. Apple is also rumoured to be planning a standalone App Store for Apple Watch. (Bloomberg)

Buzzfeed on the growth of paid for e-mail newsletters. (Buzzfeed)

Google begins its annual developers conference “Google I/O” today. Ars Technica has a preview of what to expect, particularly for Google Pixel and Google Home. (Ars Technica)

The Los Angeles Times reports on how those behind NBC’s “must see” hits of the 1990s (ER, Friends etc) are shaping television today. (Los Angeles Times)

How targeted advertising works. (New York Times)

WIRED Magazine on launching a pay wall one year on. (WIRED)

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