Cyprus Airways withdraws from Heathrow; Larnaca moved to Stansted

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Cyprus Airways is to withdraw from London Heathrow airport from 13 September 2014 after the airline sold its pair of departure and arrival slots to American Airlines for some $31 million.

Its daily service from London Heathrow to Larnaca (flight numbers CY346 and CY347, also codeshared with Virgin Atlantic) will be transferred to London Stansted from where it will operate from 14 September 2014.

This has been done as part of a financial restructuring of the airline. This also leaves British Airways as the only operator on the London Heathrow – Larnaca route, currently operated once daily.

It’s not yet been confirmed what route will be operated by the slot pair acquired by American Airlines. $31 million is a substantial sum for this slot pair bearing in mind it falls outside of the peak arrival time for long-haul flights, so its next move will be awaited with interest.