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British Airways Boeing 747-436 Aircraft
British Airways Boeing 747-436 Aircraft (Image Credit: British Airways)

Welcome to our special seven part series on the story of the Boeing 747 at BOAC and British Airways over 50 years following its premature retirement in 2020.

“All The 747 Needed Was BOAC Service”

In part 1, after a year long delay due to a dispute with its pilots, British Overseas Airways Corporation finally caught up with its rivals Pan American World Airways and Trans World Airlines and introduced the Boeing 747-136 in April 1971.

“East, West, Our Jumbos Are Best”

In part 2, following the formation of British Airways in 1974, as BA continued to take delivery of more Boeing 747-136 aircraft, and longer range Boeing 747-236 aircraft, it continued to reach more destinations around the world and cut journey times.

The Boeing 747-436

In part 3, by the late 1980s, with BA taking delivery of the Boeing 747-436 and placing ever more orders, it seems that the aircraft was set to be part of the airline’s fleet in perpetuity. That was until BA turned its attention to the Boeing 777-200 in the 1990s.

The Queen Of The Skies Ends Its Reign

In part 4, how the unexpected major events of the 21st century – 11 September 2001, the Great Financial Crisis, and COVID-19, brought the Queen Of The Skies’ reign to an end.

BA’s Most Controversial Boeing 747 Flights

In part 5, we take a look at some of the controversial Boeing 747 flights and incidents in its 50 year history at BOAC and BA.

Special Boeing 747 Charter Flights

In part 6, on a more positive note, we take a look at special charter flights operated by the Boeing 747 including for sports teams and members of the Royal Family.

How The Boeing 747 Transformed Flying From London

In our concluding part 7, how the Boeing 747 transformed flying from London bringing many new airlines, routes, and substantially reduced journey times.

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