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British Airways Long Haul Aircraft & Cabins Collage (Image Credit: British Airways)

BA is operating a limited long haul passenger network, principally from London Heathrow.

Here is the current known status of the BA long haul network. All routes operate from Heathrow, unless otherwise stated. This is indicative and subject to change.

Following the announcement by The White House that travel restrictions to the US will be lifted for fully vaccinated passengers in early November, many routes to the US should be reinstated before the end of the year.

Flights from London Heathrow are operated with Airbus A350-1000, Boeing 787-8, 9 & 10, Boeing 777-200ER and 777-300ER aircraft. BA’s Airbus A380 fleet is grounded.

Flights from London Gatwick are operated with Boeing 777-200ER aircraft, in a three class (Club World, World Traveller Plus, World Traveller) configuration. Please see here for a full guide to BA’s long haul fleet.

Please see here for the current status of BA’s short haul network.

Recent Changes

Austin – Confirmed to resume on Wednesday 13 October

Philadelphia – Confirmed to resume on Tuesday 12 October

Providenciales – Will transfer from Gatwick to Heathrow from 31 October 2021 to 26 March 2022

San Diego – Confirmed to resume on Wednesday 13 October

St Kitts – Resumes at Gatwick via Antigua on Sunday 3 October

BA’s codeshare partners American Airlines and Japan Airlines moved back to Terminal 3. This is except for AA flights to New York JFK which remain at Terminal 5.


Calgary – Permanently suspended
Toronto Pearson – Operating twice daily; Gatwick permanently suspended

United States Of America

Atlanta – Operating daily
Austin – Resumes 13 October 2021
Baltimore – Suspended until 9 December 2021
Boston – Operating twice daily; also operated by American Airlines

Charleston – Permanently suspended
Charlotte – Operated by American Airlines
Chicago O’Hare – Operating twice daily; also operated by American Airlines
Dallas / Fort Worth – Operating daily; also operated by American Airlines

Denver – Operating less than daily
Houston – Operating less than daily
Las Vegas – Suspended at Heathrow until 1 November 2021; suspended at Gatwick until late March 2022
Los Angeles – Operating twice daily

Miami – Operating at least daily
Nashville – Suspended until 9 December 2021
New Orleans – Suspended until 9 December 2021
Newark – Suspended until 9 December 2021

New York JFK – Operating four times daily; London City & Gatwick permanently suspended; Galleries Club lounge & Concorde Room at JFK Terminal 7 reopened

Orlando – Suspended at Heathrow until 1 November 2021; suspended at Gatwick until late March 2022
Philadelphia – Resumes 12 October 2021; flights operated by American Airlines
Phoenix – Operating less than daily
Pittsburgh – Permanently suspended

Portland – Planned route launch cancelled
San Diego – Resume three times weekly Wednesday 13 October 2021
San Francisco – Operating twice daily
San Jose – Suspended until 27 March 2022

Seattle – Operating daily
Tampa (Gatwick) – Suspended until 1 November 2021
Washington Dulles – Operating twice daily

North Atlantic Ocean

Bermuda – Operating less than daily; route transferred to Heathrow 28 March 2021

Central & South America

Cancun – Limited flights at Heathrow
Mexico City – Operating less than daily

San Jose, Costa Rica (Gatwick) – Suspended until at least 9 December 2021

Lima (Gatwick) – Permanently suspended

Sao Paulo – Temporarily suspended; cargo only flights operating
Rio de Janeiro – Temporarily suspended

Buenos Aires – Temporarily suspended; will resume via Sao Paulo until Saturday 26 March 2022

Santiago – Temporarily suspended

The Caribbean

Antigua – Operating daily at Gatwick; twice weekly flights on Wednesday & Saturday operated at Heathrow from 21 July until 4 September and now resume 18 December 2021.

Barbados – Operating daily at Heathrow; Gatwick flights suspended until 31 October 2021

Grand Cayman – Operating less than daily

Grenada (Gatwick) – Operating via Antigua

Kingston (Gatwick) – Operating less than daily
Montego Bay (Gatwick) – Operating less than daily

Nassau – Operating less than daily

Port of Spain (Gatwick) – Temporarily suspended

Providenciales (Gatwick) – Operating via Antigua; will operate from London Heathrow via Nassau from 31 October 2021 to 26 March 2022

Punta Cana (Gatwick) – Temporarily suspended

St Kitts (Gatwick) – Resumes via Antigua 3 October 2021

St Lucia – Operating less than daily at Gatwick; a weekly flight from Heathrow launched on 24 July until 4 September and now resumes 18 December 2021.


Abuja – Operating daily
Lagos – Operating daily

Accra – Operating daily; planned route move to Gatwick postponed indefinitely

Cairo – Operating less than daily

Nairobi – Operating once weekly

Cape Town – Temporarily suspended at Heathrow; Winter seasonal service at Gatwick permanently suspended
Durban – Permanently suspended
Johannesburg – Limited flights operating

Indian Ocean

Mauritius (Gatwick) – Operating less than daily
The Maldives – Due to restart 1 October
The Seychelles – Permanently suspended

Middle East

Abu Dhabi – Permanently suspended

Bahrain – Operating less than daily

Dammam – Permanently suspended
Jeddah – Permanently suspended; occasional seasonal flights may operate
Riyadh – Operating less than daily

Doha – Temporarily suspended; also operated by Qatar Airways

Dubai – Increased to twice daily from Monday 6 September

Kuwait – Operating less than daily

Muscat – Permanently suspended

Tel Aviv – Flights operating

South & Central Asia

Islamabad – Operating less than daily; due to transfer to Gatwick on 8 December 2021
Lahore – Operating less than daily

Bengaluru – Operating less than daily
Chennai – Operating less than daily
Delhi – Flights operating daily
Hyderabad – Operating less than daily
Mumbai – Operating less than daily

Far East

Bangkok – Suspended until at least 9 December 2021; cargo-only flights operating

Beijing Daxing – Temporarily suspended
Shanghai – Temporarily suspended; cargo-only flights operating

Hong Kong – Flights operating

Kuala Lumpur – Permanently suspended; cargo-only flights operating

Osaka – Permanently suspended
Tokyo Haneda – Also operated by Japan Airlines

Seoul – Permanently suspended

Singapore – Limited flights; cargo-only flights also operating


Sydney – Suspended until Sunday 27 March 2022

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