100 Years Of Qantas Airways

Qantas Boeing 747-238B “City Of Canberra”
Qantas Boeing 747-238B “City Of Canberra” (Image Credit: Qantas Airways)

To mark Qantas Airways’ centenary in November 2019, we took a look at how flying from the UK to Australia since the first flights in the 1930s which took up to 12 and a half days.

The First Flights

In part 1, how Qantas and British Airways’ predecessor airlines Imperial Airways and BOAC pioneered the first scheduled passenger flights between the UK and Australia.

Qantas Enters The Jet Age

In part 2, Qantas enters the Jet Age in the 1960s with the Boeing 707 bringing radical improvements to journey times and its route network with up to four around the world routes from London.

The Boeing 747 Era

In part 3, how the Boeing 747 transformed flying to Australia reducing journey times and enabling Australia to be reached with just one stop en route.

Retreat & Renewal

In part 4, the relentless rise of Middle Eastern airlines prompts Qantas to reassess its presence in the UK.

The 1971 Bomb Hoax

The extraordinary story of how Qantas was subject to one of Australia’s most audacious heists, as “Mr Brown” extorted AU$500,000 from the airline.

“I Still Call Australia Home”

A look at Qantas’ most memorable advertisements, including its most famous “I Still Call Australia Home” campaign.

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