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Norwegian Boeing 787 Aircraft, Boston Logan International Airport
Norwegian Boeing 787 Aircraft, Boston Logan International Airport (Image Credit: London Air Travel)
British Airways Fleet Montage
British Airways Fleet Montage (Image Credits: British Airways / Heathrow)

British Airways Operations

BA continues to operate a limited flight schedule. Flights are concentrated at London Heathrow Terminal 5. A small number of long haul and short-haul flights operate at London Gatwick and City airports respectively.

Due to the UK lockdown and a number of countries imposing restrictions on passenger flights from the UK, short notice cancellations are expected. There is limited visibility on flight schedules in the coming weeks.

General guidance for passengers due to fly with BA in the coming months is available on the BA website, with answers to frequently asked questions.

Passengers are strongly advised to ensure their contact details are up to date in the Manage By Booking tool. You can consult the most up to date flight timetable and live flight information on

A number of BA’s alliance and codeshare partners including Cathay Pacific and Finnair have temporarily suspended all flights to & from the UK.

Long-haul routes planned to operate at London Heathrow in January include:

North America: Barbados, Boston, Chicago O’Hare, Los Angeles, Miami, New York JFK, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto and Washington Dulles.

Central & South America: Mexico City.

Africa & Indian Ocean: Abuja, Accra, Nairobi, The Maldives and The Seychelles.

Middle East: Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait, Riyadh and Tel Aviv.

Asia Pacific: Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Kuala Lumpur (until 28 March), Lahore (until 22 April), Mumbai, New Delhi.

Long-haul flights operating at Gatwick include Antigua, Bermuda, Cancun and Saint Lucia.

Catering on flights remains limited. BA plans to reinstate short-haul economy catering for purchase from Wednesday 20 January. The airline is also expected to reinstate near normal catering in other cabins from this date.

Flights to Accra, Doha and Islamabad will transfer to London Gatwick from Sunday 28 March.

BA’s flight to Buenos Aires will operate via Sao Paulo, rather than non-stop, from 28 March.

The following routes are permanently suspended:

North America: Calgary, Charleston, Pittsburgh
Central & South America: Lima (from Gatwick)
Africa: Durban
Indian Ocean: The Seychelles (from 24 April)
Middle East: Abu Dhabi, Damman, Jeddah, Muscat
Asia: Kuala Lumpur (from 28 March), Osaka, Seoul

In addition, flights to Bangkok, San Jose (Costa Rica – from Gatwick) and Sydney are suspended until 30 October.

Short-haul flights are expected to resume at Gatwick from Sunday 28 March when BA is expected to reinstate a route from Gatwick to Manchester.

BA is operating a very limited number of weekly flights from London City to destinations such as Belfast, Edinburgh and Frankfurt.

BA has also suspended all weekend seasonal flights from London Stansted and Manchester airports. It will operate 11 seasonal routes from Southampton between May and October.

All other airlines at Heathrow, apart from American Airlines, BA, China Southern Airlines, Iberia, Japan Airlines and Qatar Airways are operating from Terminal 2.

BA’s franchise partner in Africa, Comair, has resumed flights. SUN-AIR which operates flights to Billund from London City has suspended all scheduled fights until August.

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British Airways London Gatwick

Short-haul flights are suspended until late March 2021 at the earliest. Some long-haul routes have returned in December. Bermuda transfers to Heathrow in late March 2021.

British Airways London City

BA CityFlyer is currently operating a very limited schedule at London City with the return of many year-round routes repeatedly postponed.

British Airways First Class

BA operates First Class on a large number of long-haul routes at London Heathrow and some routes at London Gatwick. BA is currently in the process of reducing the size of the cabin on Boeing 777 aircraft to 8 seats. The retirement of the Boeing 747 will has resulted in a significant reduction in First Class capacity.

British Airways Club World

Club World is the brand name for BA’s long-haul business class. BA’s new “Club Suite” is fitted to new deliveries of Airbus A350, Boeing 777-300 and Boeing 787-10 aircraft. BA is currently in the process of retrofitting the Club Suite to Heathrow based Boeing 777-200 aircraft.

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World Traveller is the brand name for BA’s long-haul premium economy cabin.

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Club Europe is the brand name for BA’s short-haul business class cabin.

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Euro Traveller is the brand name for BA’s short-haul economy cabin.

British Airways In-Flight Connectivity & Entertainment

BA is in the process of rolling out WiFi across its short and long-haul fleet.

British Airways Alliance & Codeshare Partners

BA is a member of the Oneword alliance. It operates joint-businesses with a number of alliance members.

British Airways Lounges

All BA lounges outside of London Heathrow Terminal 5 departures are closed. Prior to COVID-19 BA was in the process of refurbishing its lounge network. Due to COVID-19 BA’s capital expenditure will be significantly reduced which is likely to mean that plans to refurbish lounges at Terminal 5 will be delayed.

British Airways At New York JFK

New York JFK Terminal 7 is the home of BA at JFK. In 2022, BA is expected to co-locate with American Airlines at Terminal 8.

British Airways Fleet Plans

Our annual guide to BA’s plans to refurbish and renew its fleet. COVID-19 has already resulted in significant changes to BA’s fleet plans.

British Airways Airbus A350 Fleet & Operations

BA is in the process of taking delivery of up to 18 Airbus A350-1000 aircraft at London Heathrow.

British Airways Airbus A380 Fleet & Operations

BA has a fleet of 12 Airbus A380 aircraft. These are currently grounded due to COVID-19.

British Airways Boeing 747 Fleet & Operations

Before, COVID-19, BA operated around 30 Boeing 747 aircraft at London Heathrow and had planned to retire its last aircraft in February 2024. BA has withdrawn the aircraft from service entirely and is now in process of formally retiring the aircraft.

British Airways Boeing 777 Fleet & Operations

BA operates 12 Boeing 777-300 aircraft at London Heathrow and over 40 Boeing 777-200 aircraft across London Gatwick and Heathrow.

BA has recently refurbished its Gatwick based aircraft and is now in the process of refurbishing Heathrow based aircraft. BA also has 18 Boeing 777-9 aircraft on order.

British Airways Boeing 787 Fleet & Operations

BA operates a fleet of 12 Boeing 787-8, 18 Boeing 787-9 and 2 Boeing 787-10 aircraft at London Heathrow.

British Airways Advertising & Branding

The latest on advertising campaigns from BA.

British Airways Centenary

In 2019, BA celebrated its centenary.

We published a 100 part series on the airline and its predecessors which you can view in numerical order, by theme or by decade. BA also marked the occasion with a number of special aircraft liveries and promotions.

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