Copyright Notice

The content on this website including, but limited to, text, graphics, animation, photography and video, is protected under copyright.

If you wish to use or share any of our content it is important that you understand the concept of copyright and the terms under which you may use and share material from this website.

This notice was first published October 2020. For the avoidance of doubt, it is a statement of existing copyright law and practice. It applies to all content on this website, regardless of the date of publication.

This notice will be periodically reviewed from time to time and updated in accordance with changes to copyright law and established practices.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us.

What Is Copyright?

Copyright is a legal form of protection that gives the creators of content the right for their work not to be distributed or reproduced without consent.

This applies on its creation and regardless of whether it is specifically marked as protected under copyright.

Guidance on copyright law in the UK is available from the UK government. A general explanation of copyright is available from the BBC.

If you breach copyright you cannot plead ignorance of the law, or claim an assumption that copyright did not apply.

Reproduction Rights

The reproduction of any text, graphics, photography and video on this website on any medium, excluding printing for educational or personal use, without our prior consent is prohibited.

If you do so you are in breach of copyright law and we may make a claim against you for copyright infringement and, if necessary, seek full recovery of third party expenses.

If you wish to reproduce any of our content, in whole or in part, you must explicitly obtain our consent in writing in advance of publication. Please note we do not grant reproduction rights free of charge.

This is subject to the exceptions of accessibility, “fair dealing” and the sharing of links to articles.


Any reader of this website may make a copy of an article on this website for the purposes of producing a version that assists a person with a disability in enjoying this website.

Fair Dealing

Under the legal concept of “fair dealing” you may selectively quote a reasonable and proportionate amount of text from our articles.

This must be done with direct attribution for the purposes of news reporting, editorial comment or criticism.

This does not apply to any graphics, photography or video.

Sharing Materials

You may share links to our articles through, for example, posting links on social media platforms and internet forums or sharing links through e-mail and instant messaging applications.

In doing so, you may quote a reasonable and proportionate amount of text for the purposes of providing a short and accurate summary of the editorial content of the article.

You should not do this in a manner that is detrimental to this website by, for example, posting such a substantial amount of content that your readers gain the benefit of our content without the need to visit this website.

You should not misrepresent the content of an article or present false information about this website.

You should not include links to, or extracts of, our articles in any content or posts that may be considered defamatory, harmful or offensive.

Our content should not be used as an endorsement of any product or service without our prior consent.

Graphics, Photography & Video

This site features a large amount of graphics, photography and video including:

Graphics, photography and video created by London Air Travel. These are credited in the caption to London Air Travel. These may not be reproduced in any form without out prior consent.

Graphics, photography and video released to the media by third party organisations including, but not limited to, airlines, airports, broadcasters and tourism authorities. These are typically offered to the media on a royalty free basis for editorial use. The credited to the source in the caption.

Graphics, photography and video purchased under licence from third parties for editorial use only. These are credited to the source.

Graphics, photography of archive materials that have undergone digital restoration and enhancement by London Air Travel to make them suitable for online publication in the public interest of maintaining and preserving historical records.

If you download via this website images released to us by third parties for your own purposes, you are responsible for confirming with the original source that your use of these images complies with their own terms and conditions.

This does not apply to “embedded” content from platforms including, but not limited to, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Vimeo. If you wish to use embedded content from other platforms for your own purposes, you should refer to their terms and conditions of use.

Dispute Resolution

It is London Air Travel’s policy to comply with copyright law.

If you are a copyright holder and you believe that we have infringed your copyright, please contact us directly in the first instance and we will endeavour to resolve the matter amicably and swiftly.

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