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Picture of British Airways Boeing 777-300 Aircraft on the ground at London Heathrow.
British Airways Boeing 777-300 Aircraft London Heathrow (Image Credit: Heathrow)

British Airways is updating its long haul schedules for the winter travel season at London Gatwick & Heathrow.

This runs from Sunday 30 October 2022 to Saturday 25 March 2023. Here are the some key known changes. Many are applied to the start of the season and may be extended.

All routes are at Heathrow, unless otherwise stated. Please see here for BA’s current long haul route network.


Calgary – Suspended
Toronto Pearson
Vancouver – Airbus A380 flights end 25 September

United States Of America

Boston – Airbus A380 on flights BA213 & BA212 end 29 October

Charleston – Suspended
Chicago O’Hare – Airbus A380 operates on BA295 & BA294
Dallas / Fort Worth – Airbus A380 operates on BA193 & BA192

Houston – Subject to periodic frequency reductions to once daily
Las Vegas
Los Angeles – Subject to periodic frequency reductions to twice / once daily
Miami – Airbus A380 switches from flights BA209 & BA208 to BA207 & BA206

New Orleans – Reduced to three times weekly
Newark – Day flight to Heathrow extended to year round
New York JFK – Moves to Terminal 8 at JFK from 1 December; suspended at Gatwick from 16 January until 10 February 2023

Orlando – Suspended at Heathrow from 2 December; operates year round at Gatwick.

San Diego
San Francisco – Airbus A380 operates on flights BA287 & BA286
San Jose

Seattle – Reduced to daily for the winter season
Tampa (Gatwick)
Washington Dulles – Airbus A380 aircraft switches from flights BA293 & BA292 to BA217 & BA216

North Atlantic Ocean


Central & South America

Cancun (Gatwick)
Mexico City

San Jose, Costa Rica (Gatwick) – Winter seasonal route resumes 8 November

Lima (Gatwick) – Suspended

Sao Paulo
Rio de Janeiro – Reduced to three times weekly until at least late November

Buenos Aires – Non-stop flights resume on selected dates from 29 November


The Caribbean

Antigua (Gatwick)


Grand Cayman – Operates via Nassau

Grenada (Gatwick) – Operates via Saint Lucia; additional Sunday flight operates via Antigua from 30 October

Kingston (Gatwick)
Montego Bay (Gatwick) – Winter seasonal service suspended


Port of Spain (Gatwick) – Operates via Saint Lucia

Providenciales – Moves from Gatwick to Heathrow via Nassau from 30 October 2022

Punta Cana (Gatwick) – Reverts to non-stop from 1 November 2022

St Kitts (Gatwick) – Operates via Antigua

St Lucia (Gatwick)

Trinidad & Tobago (Gatwick) – Operates via Antigua






Cape Town – Restart of 2nd daily Heathrow flight pushed back to 20 November; winter seasonal flights relaunch at Gatwick 13 December
Durban – Suspended
Johannesburg – BA55 & BA56 operates with Boeing 787 instead of Airbus A380 until at least January 2023; BA57 & BA54 operates with Airbus A380

Indian Ocean

Mauritius (Gatwick)
The Maldives – Route resumption brought forward to 14 October
The Seychelles – Suspended

Middle East

Abu Dhabi – Suspended


Dammam – Suspended
Jeddah – Suspended

Doha – Moves back to Gatwick on 30 October

Dubai – Planned increase to three times daily pushed back to 11 December


Muscat – Suspended

Tel Aviv – Reduced to daily until at least 27 November

South & Central Asia

Islamabad – Heathrow operation extended through the winter season
Lahore – Suspended

Delhi – Reduced to daily until at least 27 November
Mumbai – Planned increase to three times daily pushed back to 11 December

Far East

Bangkok – Suspended

Beijing Daxing – Suspended
Shanghai – Suspended

Hong Kong – Suspension extended until 5 December

Kuala Lumpur – Suspended

Osaka – Suspended
Tokyo Haneda – Suspension extended until 13 November; flights retimed for longer journey times

Seoul – Suspended

Singapore – Flights BA15 & BA16 switch from Boeing 787-9 to 777-300 aircraft; Restart of BA11 & BA12 pushed back to 6 November.


Sydney – Aircraft will change to Boeing 777-300 on 30 October

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