MH370 – A special by Monocle 24’s “The Foreign Desk”

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In the three weeks that have passed since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 much of the media coverage has been of highly variable quality.

With so few facts but insatiable demand from audiences (CNN in North America has doubled its audience in its main demographic by devoting near blanket coverage to the story), news organisations have had to rely heavily on speculation and guess work.

Other low-lights include Kay Burley of Sky News running up a downward moving escalator to chase a grieving relative removed from a press conference.

Monocle 24, the online audio service of Monocle magazine has produced a special edition of its weekly “The Foreign Desk” programme, presented by Steve Bloomfield.

Whilst, in truth, it does not tell us anything that has not already been reported it is a very sober summary of the events that have taken place to date with contributions from Monocle journalists Tyler Brule and Aisha Speirs, as well as contributions from journalists at third party news sources.

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