Which BA routes operate from London Gatwick with First Class?

A short while ago, we compiled a list of the British Airways routes from London Heathrow that operate with a first class cabin.

To complete the list, here’s a list of long-haul Gatwick routes that operate with and without a first class cabin.

It’s a relatively easy list to compile. BA’s routes from Gatwick are operated exclusively with either three or four class Boeing 777 aircraft.

Whilst a first class cabin is not sold on all routes, there is the possibility that a four class aircraft may be operated on a route with no first class cabin on sale, with the normal Club World business class service provided to passengers seated in the first class cabin.

London Gatwick routes with First Class:

Port Of Spain
St Lucia

London Gatwick routes without First Class:

Cape Town (From 13 November 2017 to 25 March 2018)
Fort Lauderdale
Las Vegas (From 27 March 2018)
Lima (From 25 March 2018)
Male, Maldives
Oakland, California
Punta Cana
San Jose, Costa Rica
St Kitts & Nevis
Toronto (From 1 May 2018)

Please also note that BA’s fleet of three class Boeing 777s are to gradually undergo a process of “densification” from 2018 which will also reduce the number of Club World seats.

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