London Heathrow Terminal 1 to close its doors to passengers on Tuesday 30 June

On Tuesday 30 June 2015, London Heathrow Terminal 1 will have closed its doors to passengers for the final time after more than 45 years of operation.

The last remaining resident, British Airways, will disperse its flights from the terminal to terminals 3 and 5*.

Having opened in 1969, Terminal 1 spent most of its life as the principal hub for short-haul traffic, specifically that of British Airways and the now defunct bmi British Midland. In between the opening of Terminal 5 and the new Terminal 2, it was also home to number of Star Alliance carriers, such as Lufthansa and Swiss.

It has been loved for features such as the former “Zone R” BA premium check-in area and loathed for long walkways and the poor condition of many public areas of the terminal.

In its life the terminal has seen wildcat industrial action, the paralysis of operations due to fog and heavy snow, terrorist threats, fire, and even an altercation that led to the arrest of Snoop Dogg.

The closure of Terminal 1 will eventually allow for the expansion of the new Terminal 2.

A conveyor belt, Terminal 1, 1969.

Terminal 1, circa 2000.

Terminal 1, 2004.

Terminal 1, 2006.

* British Airways flights to Amman, Beirut, Baku and Cairo will move to Terminal 5.

British Airways flights to Bilbao, Hannover, Luxembourg, Lyon and Marseille move to Terminal 3.

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