No1 Lounges opens “The House” at Heathrow Terminal 4

No1 Lounges has taken over Etihad’s lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 4, which has been rebranded “The House”. Access can now be purchased online.

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The House at Heathrow, Terminal 4
The House at Heathrow, Terminal 4

The No1 Lounges group has taken over the operation of Etihad’s lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 4.

The lounge has now been rebranded “The House”. Or, as Etihad refers to it, “The House, home of Etihad Airways and other leading airlines”.

The House is a new brand for the group, alongside No1 Lounges, Club Rooms, and My Lounge.

Etihad business, First Class and The Residence passengers continue to have access to the lounge. As do Gold and Platinum members of the Etihad Guest frequent flyer programme. Etihad economy passengers can also purchase access to the lounge.

No1 Lounges is now selling access to passengers of all airlines departing from Terminal 4 on its website for £45 per person.

This move has been expected for some time. Etihad has had well documented financial problems of late. It had already been selling lounge access to economy passengers. A radical reshaping of its route network and fleet has been expected. However, the effective handing over of its lounge at London Heathrow is a significant move. It shows that nothing is off the table.

Whilst Etihad is at pains to emphasise that facilities will be reconfigured in the coming year, it is a simple fact that the lounge will be busier.

Having experienced third party lounges operated for both airlines and on a pay-per-access basis, it can be problematic. When the schedules of participating airlines and periods of peak passenger demand collide, they can become extremely crowded. Even simple things, like not having to queue to get in, cannot be taken for granted.

The House is open from 06:00 to 21:00 daily. Passengers must be over the age of 12 to access the lounge.

Lounge facilities include a tendered bar, a dining room with table service and a la carte morning breakfast and all day menus, and shower suites.

The lounge is located in the departures area, near the SkyTeam lounge, opposite Gate 10.

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