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Delta Air Lines - New York
Delta Air Lines

Welcome to the The Atlantic Update for Wednesday 23 January 2019, our weekly update on transatlantic travel from Europe to North America.

Groundhog Day

It is Groundhog Day on both sides of the Atlantic, with no end to the political impasse in sight.

The US Government Shutdown is now in its 32nd day. The Transport Security Administration continues to provide daily updates on airport security screening times.

Although this is very much seen as a domestic issue, there are impacts beyond the US. There is not a chance of imminent approval from the US Department Of Transportation for Aer Lingus joining the American / BA transatlantic joint-venture, nor for Air France-KLM, Delta and Virgin combining their transatlantic joint-ventures.

US East Coast & Chicago Weather

Severe weather conditions continues across the North East of the United States.

Travel waivers have been in place for the North East for some days. American Airlines and BA have last night extended these further to today. American, BA and United have also added waivers to Chicago due to expected severe weather.

Also of note this week:

Delta introduces “branded” boarding groups from today. (Delta)

United’s new app is available for download from Thursday 24 January. (United)

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey call for a replacement to the Newark Air Train. (Politico)

Virgin Atlantic features in new “California Innovation Nation” documentary. (Virgin Atlantic)

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