Airlines Given More Flexibility To Cancel Summer Flights

Airlines at UK airports will be given a waiver to cancel fights in advance without risk of forfeiting slots.

London Air Travel ยป Aviation Policy

London Heathrow Terminal 5A, May 2020
London Heathrow Terminal 5 (Image Credit: Heathrow)

Airlines flying from London’s airports have been given more flexibility to cancel flights due to staff shortages this summer.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic airlines were granted a waiver of “use it or lose it” airport slot rules. To benefit from the waiver airlines had to temporarily “hand back” any slots they don’t intend to use.

This summer season was meant to see the end of slot waivers.

Amid lobbying from some airports and airlines, there had been pressure to restore normal slot usage rules. This was to prevent airlines from hoarding slots and allow new entrants to secure new slots.

This summer airlines are required to use their slots for 70% of the season to avoid forfeiting them. There are special dispensations should new travel restrictions emerge.

As has been widely publicised, this summer has not turned out as planned. Many airlines have been forced to cut schedules due to staff shortages. Some, notably easyJet, have been criticised for short notice cancellations.

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