Members of Qatar Airways “Privilege Club” can earn miles on BA

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Qatar Airways has today announced that members of its frequent flyer “Privilege Club” can earn frequent flyer miles when flying on British Airways from Monday 2 September 2013.

Member of the Privilege Club will also be able to redeem their frequent flyer miles on British Airways flights from 1 October 2013.

This announcement has been made in advance of Qatar Airways joining the Oneworld alliance where members of all the airlines’ frequent flyer programmes will able to earn/redeem frequent flyer miles on Qatar Airways. British Airways has yet to announce any reciprocal arrangements for members of the British Airways Executive Club.

It is noteworthy that Qatar Airways has announced a frequent flyer partnership with BA in advance of it formally joining Oneworld when such benefits would be recognised in any event. This, perhaps, presages closer co-operation between British Airways and Qatar Airways beyond membership of the same alliance. Possible areas of co-operation include codesharing on routes from Qatar that are not currently part of the British Airways network (of which there are many in the Middle East and Asia) and a possible joint-venture on routes to Australia.

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