BA to open new lounges in London Gatwick’s South Terminal on 25 January 2017

In January 2017 there will be a significant re-organisation at London Gatwick.  easyJet will consolidate all of its operations in London Gatwick’s North Terminal.  In order to faciliate this move both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic will swap terminals (BA from North to South and Virgin Atlantic vice vesa).

BA’s lounges in the North Terminal have long been closed due to construction work with passengers being required to use the No 1 lounges as an interim measure.

Details of what BA lounge arrangements there will be in the South Terminal for business and first class passengers and Silver/Gold Executive Club cardholders have long been anticipated.

BA has now confirmed some initial information (short of releasing final images of the lounge) for both check-in and lounge facilities.

For check-in and security:

  • There will be dedicated premium check- in area in Zone A of the terminal for Club Europe, Club World, First Class and Silver & Gold Executive Cardholders.  This will feature dedicated seating, power outlets and bespoke furnishing.
  • There will be a dedicated premium security facility on Level 3 of the South terminal.

As regards lounges:

  • Capacity for 477 passengers (which BA say is 40% larger than the former North terminal lounge)
  • A separate First Class lounge with upgraded seating, finishes and lighting (it is assumed that Gold cardholders will have access to this lounge as some recent BA lounge developments in Dubai and Singapore feature a “Concorde Bar” for passengers ticketed in First Class only)
  • Floor to ceiling windows with views of the runway
  • A “beautifully curved” staircase overlooking the main lounge
  • Full kitchen facilities in both lounges giving an upgraded food & beverage offering (details of menus are to confirmed)
  • A ‘kidszone’ room for children
  • Shower facilities

We will post images of the lounges as soon as they are released.

It is also worth mentioning that prior to the formal switch of flights on 25 January 2017 some flights will move in advance on a trial basis.

Update 25 January: Whilst the Terminal switch has taken place today, 25 January, the opening of the lounges has been delayed.  In the interim, passengers travelling in Club Europe, Club World and Silver Executive Club card holders can use s temporary “Speedbird” lounge.  Passengers travelling in First Class and Gold Executive Club cardholders can use the third party No 1 lounges.

Update 7 February: It is understood that both of the lounges have now undergone a “soft” opening.  However, not all facilities and amenities may be available at all times.

The new Club lounge is open from 05:15 until the last flight has departed. Passengers travelling in Club World on any long-haul flight and Club Europe to Jersey, and all British Airways Executive Club Silver cardholders travelling on long-haul flights or to Jersey are eligible to use the lounge.

The new First lounge is open from 07:00 until 20:00 and all passengers travelling in First Class and all British Airways Executive Club Gold cardholders are eligible to use the lounge. If there capacity constraints passengers will be invited to use the No 1 Club rooms.

All other passengers, e.g. those travelling in Club Europe to other than Jersey and on Business U.K. tickets and British Airways Executive Club Silver cardholders travelling on short-haul flights other than Jersey will be invited to use the temporary Speedbird lounge.

Update 20 February: It is understood that the new lounges are now fully open and operational and therefore the temporary lounge arrangements have been withdrawn.

3 thoughts on “BA to open new lounges in London Gatwick’s South Terminal on 25 January 2017”

  1. Good observation
    How come in the same time period,the 35year old north terminal has been transformed to a very impressive 21st century operation including new Virgin Lounges and at the same time BA have papered over the 60 year old cracks in far end of the south terminal and failed abysmally to open their own lounges. Did the large workforce in the north terminal get paid more?

    1. It drives me mad that they dont even respond, they want us to fly the flag, suport our national airline, but at the same time treat us like fools! BA…… Bloody Awful!! :((((

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