BA prepares for its move to London Gatwick’s South Terminal with trial flights & early moves

In 2017, there will be a significant reorganisation at London Gatwick. easyJet will consolidate its operations into a single terminal at the airport, with all flights operating from the North Terminal.

In order to facilitate this move, British Airways from the North Terminal to the South Terminal. Virgin Atlantic will move from the South Terminal to the North Terminal. BA will move to the South Terminal on Wednesday 25 January 2017.

BA has of course learned the hard way that terminal moves can be fraught with difficulty. It is for this reason the airline has already begun trial flights from the South Terminal.

In advance of the full move the following routes will move to the South Terminal on a permanent basis in January 2017:

London Gatwick – New York JFK

Flight BA2273 London Gatwick – New York JFK (from Wednesday 11 January 2017)
Flight BA2272 New York JFK – London Gatwick (from Thursday 12 January 2017)

London Gatwick – Naples

Flight BA2612 London Gatwick – Naples (from Thursday 19 January 2017)
Flight BA2613 Naples – London (from Thursday 19 January 2017)

Check-in & bag drop facilities for these flights should be at Zone A of the South Terminal. Check-in will open three hours before departure and will close 45 minutes before departure. Customers travelling in Club Europe/Club World and Silver & Gold Executive Club cardholders should be eligible to use the Number 1 Lounge in the South Terminal.

For passengers on connecting flights who will now have to change terminals to transfer to/from the above flights, there is a minimum connection time of 90 minutes. If your existing itinerary does not meet the minimum connection time, a rebooking will be required.

More details are available on BA’s trade website.

With regard to the wider Gatwick move, BA has yet to confirm any more arrangements for the South Terminal move such as its premium check-in and lounge facilities.

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