British Airways unveils its new safety video

BA is to roll out a new safety video on all its aircraft from 1 September 2017.

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Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean in the British Airways Safety Video (Image Credit: British Airways)
Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean in the British Airways Safety Video (Image Credit: British Airways)

The “novelty” in-flight safety video has been a feature of many airlines for years.

They have helped generate huge publicity for airlines, most notably Air New Zealand, on social media channels and help reinforce the brand values of the airlines and their home countries.

BA has, to date, eschewed this approach.  However, today, BA has unveiled a new safety video which will be rolled out across its long-haul fleet from Friday 1 September 2017.

BA has partnered with its corporate charity partner Comic Relief to produce the film. It features well known British public figures such as Rowan Atkinson, Gordon Ramsay, Gillian Anderson and Sir Ian McKellen.

The actors audition in front of comedian Chabuddy G for a part in the airline’s new safety video, while simultaneously demonstrating the safety features and procedures on the aircraft.

The “Director’s Cut” featured above runs for more than six minutes.  It is assumed that the version shown on aircraft will be much shorter!

Whilst a change is welcome, BA has a habit of taking a long time to update its safety videos.  The current video (shown below) has been in place for over ten years.

Long time BA flyers may also recall how hideously dated (eg mid 1990s!) the predecessor to the above video looked. Whilst not wishing to cast aspersions on the participants of the new video, it will date relatively quickly and it will have a relatively short shelf life.

The video was produced by BA’s current advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty and 2am films. It is understood that this is BBH’s last work for BA.  Here is our look at BBH’s work for BA over the past 12 years.

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