In praise of British Airways’ “BA Magic” initiative

Why BA’s “BA Magic” initiative should be encouraged and applauded.

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Joe & Liz (Image Credit: British Airways)
Joe & Liz (Image Credit: British Airways)

For the past few months BA has been releasing a series of films on social media under the banner of “BA Magic”featuring surprises on members of the public.

We have to admit to having been a little sceptical of the initiative, not least because one of the first films featured a man proposing to his girlfriend on a packed Airbus A320 en route to Larnaca.

Was it a rearguard initiative in response to negative PR earlier this year? Or perhaps a drive for clicks and likes on social media with all too common “And you won’t believe what happened next?” click bait.

However, it would take the hardest of cynics not to be moved by the latest video released on Friday. It features Joe taking his first flight with his wife Liz after he experienced life changing injuries in 2014.

We’ll let the film tell the whole story.

It is a salutary reminder for all that be able to fly is something that should never be taken for granted and aviation is fundamentally about bringing people together. And, irrespective of any motive for positive publicity, BA deserves praise for its responsiveness and generosity.

If you know someone could benefit from this initiative then do submit an application to BA. Needless to say BA will be looking for a strong and original story-telling angle.

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