BA to serve Union Hand-Roasted Coffee

British Airways is to serve an exclusive blend of Union Hand-Roasted coffee in First, Club World and its UK lounges from May 2018.

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Union Hand-Roasted Coffee on British Airways
Union Hand-Roasted Coffee (Image Credit: British Airways)

If we had one complaint about BA Club World above all else, it’s not the lack of direct aisle access for all passengers, it’s the quality of the coffee.

It has always been awful.

The coffee should improve considerably from May, as BA partners with London based Union Hand-Roasted Coffee to provide coffee in First, Club World and BA’s UK lounges.

It a dedicated blend developed by Union to account for changes in taste at altitude. The coffee is a medium roast blend sourced from Peru.

BA says the new coffee should be available by the end of May 2018, which suggests it may be rolled out progressively across long-haul routes.

There won’t be any changes to equipment on board aircraft which means that BA will continue to offer only filter coffee in Club World. BA will continue to offer a choice of latte, cappuccino, filter coffee and espresso in First. There are no changes in World Traveller and World Traveller Plus, nor on short-haul flights.

The coffee stations in the UK lounges will also be revamped as part of the changes (staff with tape measures were spotted at Heathrow last month).

We do have the opportunity to try out the coffee in Club World in June and will certainly report back.

Update June 2018:

Having tried the coffee both in the lounges and in the air, it certainly is an improvement. However, the difference is much more marked on the ground than at 38,000 feet.

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