BA officially joins TSA PreCheck®

British Airways is now officially participating in TSA PreCheck® programme which allows eligible passengers to undergo an expedited security screening process at US airports.

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BA New York JFK Terminal 7
BA New York JFK Terminal 7 (Image Credit: London Air Travel)

British Airways and the Transport Security Administration have today, Thursday 17 May 2018, officially confirmed that the airline is now participating in the TSA PreCheck® programme.

The TSA PreCheck® programme allows eligible members to go through an expedited security screening process at US airports when flying on participating airlines.

BA has in fact been participating in TSA PreCheck® for a while. Indeed, the BA press release issued today refers to the imminent launch of Nashville, which actually happened two weeks ago. However, for reasons unknown, an official announcement has only been made today.

Members of the Global Entry scheme for citizens of the UK and many other countries are eligible, as are US citizens and lawful permanent residents enrolled in TSA PreCheck®, NEXUS or SENTRI and Canadian citizens who are members of NEXUS.

Here is a comparison chart from the Department for Homeland Security to explain the differences between the different schemes.

You can enter your Known Traveller Number or Pass ID on the Manage My Booking tool on

There are some limitations at the moment for BA passengers:

1. You must have a printed boarding pass, either at home or the airport. Mobile boarding passes are not yet enabled for TSA PreCheck®. You should have no difficulty whatsoever asking for a printed boarding pass at the airport even if you have checked in online.

2. TSA PreCheck® is not currently available at New York JFK Terminal 7 which is currently undergoing renovations.

Both should be available from summer this year. For the avoidance of doubt, TSA PreCheck® is not available at Heathrow or any other UK airport.

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