British Airways Trials Access to PressReader

BA is offering selected passengers free access to PressReader on a trial basis.

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British Airways & PressReader
British Airways & PressReader

“Have you been offered a small glass of orange juice and complimentary browse of the Daily Mail?”

There’s now no excuse for complaining about the range of newspapers offered on board British Airways aircraft and in lounges.

BA is offering selected passengers free access to the PressReader digital reading service.

The new service has soft launched on a trial basis in the past few days.

PressReader offers users access to over 7,000 publications in more than 60 languages from over 120 countries. Available publications include The Guardian, The Washington Post, Vogue, GQ, and Bloomberg Businessweek. These are downloaded to the PressReader smartphone and tablet app for reading offline.

Full details of how the service works are on

BA passengers can access content from PressReader in one of two ways:

1. If you have booked a flight directly through BA you can obtain access to PressReader through a dedicated link when you receive an “It’s Time To Fly” e-mail 24 hours before your outbound flight.

You can then browse and download an unlimited number of titles for three days, and these can be kept on your device for as long as you wish.

Note you will not receive a further e-mail when you take your return flight. Also, if you have booked a flight through a travel agent, you will not receive an e-mail but this may be expanded in the future.

2. When you connect at any time to the WiFi network of a BA operated lounge, such as London Heathrow.

BA does not appear to be offering free access to passengers who connect to its paid-for in-flight WiFi service at the moment.

BA is offering this on a trial basis. It has given warning it may be withdrawn at any time. This suggests that PressReader is allowing BA to test take-up before committing to a long-term contract. Therefore, if you do value this service do make your views known in post-flight surveys.


Having made use of the service, it is recommended to download publications before heading to the airport if you can. If you do need to download publications in the lounge you do need to allow a generous amount of time for downloads to complete.

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