Experience Virgin Australia Business Class At London City

British Airways is wet leasing an Embraer E190 aircraft at London City, previously operated by Virgin Australia.

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EI-GHK Embraer E190 Business Class
EI-GHK Embraer E190 Business Class (Image Credit: Virgin Australia)

Opinions have always been divided on whether business class on intra-European flights is worth it.

However, in the case of BA from London City, the general consensus it isn’t.

There’s no lounge at London City. The seating configuration is the same as economy. And, due to the overall number of seats being capped at less than 100 for industrial relations reasons, there is relatively generous leg room in economy.

However, there is now one aircraft where business class is at least a tangible improvement. Some time ago BA announced a wet-leasing agreement with Stobart Air to provide additional capacity at London City.

The first aircraft, registration EI-GHK, entered into service this weekend. The aircraft used to be operated by Virgin Australia.

It does benefit from a separate business class cabin. It comprises two rows, each with three seats in a 1-2 configuration. Passengers also benefit from more generous leg room of 38 inches.

There is of course a certain irony in a BA flight operating with a cabin from a Virgin branded airline.

So far it has operated to Milan and Rotterdam. There’s no way of predicting exactly on which routes the aircraft will operate. And there’s a less than 5% chance of it being on your flight. However, if it is you should see the seat map below immediately before your flight:

EI-GHK Embraer E190 Seat Map
EI-GHK Embraer E190 Seat Map

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