AA & BA Increase Heathrow – Miami To Five Times Daily

American Airlines and British Airways will operate five daily flights from London Heathrow to Miami from Sunday 27 October 2019.

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Ocean Drive, Miami Beach
Ocean Drive, Miami Beach (Image Credit: London Air Travel)

American Airlines & British Airways will jointly operate up to five daily flights between London Heathrow and Miami from Sunday 27 October 2019 to Saturday 28 March 2020.

The increase has been achieved by American Airlines reinstating a second daily flight for the winter season and BA maintaining a third daily flight it added last year.

It’s a route where you can certainly adopt a “pick and mix” approach as far as aircraft are concerned.

At the time of writing, American Airlines timetables are showing a Boeing 777-300 on both of its outbound flights from London Heathrow, but a Boeing 777-200 and 777-300 on the inbound flights. However, this may change. We have recently reviewed American Airlines Boeing 777-200 and Boeing 777-300 business class.

BA will operate the Boeing 747 on two flights and one flight with the Airbus A380.

Flights are on sale now at aa.com and ba.com

London Heathrow – Miami

Flights BA207 / AA6160 Depart London Heathrow 09:15 – Arrive Miami 14:10 (Boeing 747)
Flights AA39 / BA1528 Depart London Heathrow 10:35 – Arrive Miami 15:35 (Boeing 777-300)
Flights AA57 / BA1508 Depart London Heathrow 12:35 – Arrive Miami 17:40 (Boeing 777-300)
Flights BA209 / AA6162 Depart London Heathrow 14:15 – Arrive Miami 19:10 (Airbus A380)
Flights BA211 / AA6164 Depart London Heathrow 16:05 – Arrive Miami 20:55 (Boeing 747)

Miami – London Heathrow

Flights BA206 / AA6159 – Depart Miami 17:15 – Arrive London Heathrow 06:35 (Boeing 747)
Flights AA56 / BA1500 Depart Miami 18:05 – Arrive London Heathrow 07:45 (Boeing 777-200)
Flights AA38 / BA1529 Depart Miami 19:30 – Arrive London Heathrow 09:15 (Boeing 777-300)
Flights BA208 / AA6161 – Depart Miami 21:25 – Arrive London Heathrow 10:55 (Airbus A380)
Flights BA210 / AA6163 – Depart Miami 23:20 – Arrive London Heathrow 12:40 (Boeing 747)

Note this timetable is indicative and may vary on specific days and by week and according to timing differences between UK & US seasonal time zone changes.

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