British Airways’ Route Network – October 2020

BA has confirmed its long and short-haul route networks from London City, Gatwick and Heathrow airports for October 2020.

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British Airways Airbus A350-1000 G-XWBA Aircraft, London Heathrow
British Airways Airbus A350-1000 G-XWBA Aircraft, London Heathrow (Image Credit: British Airways)

British Airways has officially confirmed its route network from London City, Gatwick and Heathrow airports for October 2020.

Note: This article has been updated throughout the month as further changes are confirmed.

The airline has issued maps of its short-haul and long-haul networks, with associated flight frequencies. Full details are below. You can also download PDF versions of BA’s long-haul and short-haul route networks.

At London Heathrow, BA has in recent months added flights to Bahrain, Barbados, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, Lahore, Male, Newark, and Tokyo Haneda.

As far as short-haul is concerned, BA resumed flights in October to Brussels, Gothenburg, Luxembourg, Milan Linate, Stuttgart, Reykjavik and Valencia. Many summer seasonal routes come to an end.

Many Gatwick short-haul route continue to operate at Heathrow in October. These include Bilbao, Jersey, Kos, Lanzarote, Madeira, Naples, Porto, Seville and Tenerife.

At London City, BA will serve Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast City, Dublin, Amsterdam, Berlin Tegel, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Zurich, Nice, Florence, Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza.

The UK government has introduced restrictions on international and domestic travel from 5 November until 2 December. A very substantial number of flight cancellations for November and December are highly likely. BA is expected to all flights at Gatwick until December and operate a skeleton schedule at London City and Heathrow. BA will also close all of its London Heathrow lounges and the First Wing from 5 November.

Passengers due to fly with BA in the coming weeks are strongly advised to ensure their contact details are up to date in the Manage By Booking tool. You can also consult the most up to date flight timetable and live flight information on

Passengers who are flying must also ensure they comply with pre-departure and entry requirements. Links to country-by-country guidance and relevant forms are on

Long-Haul Network

British Airways Long-Haul Network, London Gatwick & Heathrow, October 2020 (1 October 2020 version)
British Airways Long-Haul Network, London Gatwick & Heathrow, October 2020 (1 October 2020 version) (Image Credit: British Airways)

All routes are from London Heathrow unless otherwise stated. Many routes, particularly at Gatwick, do not operate for the whole of October.

Toronto – 7x weekly
Montreal – 3x weekly (suspended during November)

New York JFK – 14x weekly
Chicago O’Hare – 12x weekly
Boston – 7x weekly
San Francisco – 7x weekly
Los Angeles – 7x weekly
Miami – 7x weekly
Washington Dulles – 7x weekly
Dallas / Fort Worth – 7x weekly
Seattle – 3x weekly
Houston – 3x weekly
Atlanta – 7x weekly (frequencies reduced during November)
Philadelphia – 2x weekly
Newark – Daily from 25 October.

Sao Paulo – 7x weekly
Buenos Aires – 3x weekly
Mexico City – 4x weekly
Santiago – 1x weekly from 7 November

Barbados – 7x weekly (Gatwick from 2 October & Heathrow from 17 October – frequencies reduced during November)
Bermuda – 4x weekly (Gatwick)
St Lucia – 5x weekly (Gatwick)
Antigua – 5x weekly (Gatwick)
Kingston – 3x weekly (Gatwick)
Cayman Islands – 0.5x weekly (Heathrow)

The planned launch of a new route to Montego Bay from Gatwick is postponed to 12 December.

Accra – 7x weekly
Abuja – 7x weekly
Lagos – 7x weekly
Nairobi – 5x weekly
Cairo – 7x weekly (flight number changes from 25 October)
Johannesburg – 7x weekly
Cape Town – 7x weekly

BA’s franchise partner in Africa Comair has suspended flights until December 2020 at the earliest. For passengers with domestic connections from Cape Town and Johannesburg, BA has secured a rebooking agreement with Airlink.

Tel Aviv – 7x weekly
Dubai – 7x weekly
Kuwait – 3x weekly
Riyadh – 1x weekly (delayed to 2 November)
Bahrain – 3x weekly
Amman – 1x weekly (from 25 October with short-haul aircraft)

Mumbai – 5x weekly
Delhi – 7x weekly
Bangalore – 4x weekly
Hyderabad – 4x weekly
Chennai – 3x weekly
Islamabad – 7x weekly
Lahore – 4x weekly (new route from 12 October)

Seychelles – 2x weekly (from 10 October)
Male – 3x weekly (transfers to Heathrow from 16 October)

Hong Kong – 7x weekly (flight numbers change from 25 October)
Singapore – 4x weekly (flight numbers change from 25 October)
Tokyo Haneda – 3x weekly
Shanghai – 2x weekly
Kuala Lumpur – 4x weekly

Short-Haul Network

British Airways Short-Haul Network, London City & Heathrow, October 2020 (1 October 2020 version)
British Airways Short-Haul Network, London City & Heathrow, October 2020 (1 October 2020 version) (Image Credit: British Airways)

All routes operate from London Heathrow only, unless otherwise stated.

Edinburgh – 45x weekly (London Heathrow & London City)
Glasgow – 38x weekly (London Heathrow & London City)
Jersey – 22x weekly
Aberdeen – 20x weekly
Belfast City – 29x weekly (London Heathrow & London City)
Manchester – 21x weekly
Inverness – 7x weekly
Newcastle – 15x weekly
Newquay – 7x weekly

Tirana – 6x weekly

Salzburg (delayed – provisionally from 2 December)
Vienna (suspended from 5 November)

Brussels – 13x weekly (suspended from 5 November)

Sofia – 7x weekly

Copenhagen – 18x weekly
Billund – 5x weekly (London Heathrow from 25 October)

BA’s franchise partner SUN-AIR which operates London City – Billund has suspended all scheduled flights until August 2021.

Zagreb – 4x weekly (from 25 October)
Dubrovnik – 2x weekly

Larnaca – 21x weekly
Paphos – 7x weekly

Boeing 787 services to Larnaca on Thursday (BA662 & BA663) ended on 29 October.

Prague – 4x weekly (suspended from 5 November)

Nice – 25x weekly (London Heathrow & London City)
Paris Charles de Gaulle – 20x weekly
Marseille – 4x weekly (suspended from 7 November)
Toulouse – 3x weekly (suspended from 5 November)

Berlin Tegel – 33x weekly (London Heathrow & London City)
Munich – 24x weekly
Dusseldorf – 26x weekly (London Heathrow & London City)
Hannover – 10x weekly
Hamburg – 14x weekly
Frankfurt – 18x weekly (London Heathrow & London City)
Stuttgart – 5x weekly
Cologne (now postponed)

Gibraltar – 14x weekly

Athens – 24x weekly
Corfu – 8x weekly
Chania – 1x weekly
Santorini – 5 x weekly
Heraklion, Crete – 6x weekly
Thessaloniki – 7x weekly
Aktion / Preveza- 1x weekly
Rhodes – 6x weekly
Kos – 5x weekly
Kalamata – 1x weekly

Boeing 787 services to Athens on Friday (BA632 & BA633) ended on 30 October.

Budapest – 3x weekly

Reykjavik – 4x weekly (suspended from 7 November)

Dublin – 19x weekly (London Heathrow & London City)

Milan Malpensa – 10x weekly
Milan Linate – 18x weekly
Rome Fiumicino – 26x weekly
Venice – 17x weekly
Florence – 14x weekly (London City only)
Bologna – 13x weekly
Pisa – 13x weekly
Naples – 14x weekly
Verona – 9x weekly
Olbia – 1x weekly
Turin – 6x weekly
Catania – 9x weekly
Palermo – 3x weekly
Cagliari – 3x weekly
Bari – 6x weekly

Luxembourg – 5x weekly (suspended from 7 November)

Malta – (from 25 October)

Amsterdam – 32x weekly (London Heathrow & London City)

Boeing 787 services to Amsterdam on Wednesday & Thursday (BA430 & BA431) ended on 29 October.

Oslo – 13x weekly

Warsaw – 18x weekly
Krakow – 7x weekly

Lisbon – 21x weekly
Faro – 24x weekly
Porto – 7x weekly
Madeira – 7x weekly

Bucharest – 7x weekly

Moscow Domodedovo – 3x weekly (flight number changes & switches to short-haul aircraft from 25 October)

Barcelona – 28x weekly
Malaga – 21x weekly
Palma de Mallorca- 20x weekly (London Heathrow & London City)
Ibiza – 19x weekly (London Heathrow & London City)
Madrid – 19x weekly
Alicante – 7x weekly
Valencia – 6x weekly
Tenerife South – 11x weekly
Bilbao – 7x weekly
Seville – 7x weekly
Lanzarote – 3x weekly
Gran Canaria – 3x weekly (from 24 October)

Stockholm – 18x weekly
Gothenburg – 7x weekly

Geneva – 14x weekly
Zurich – 18x weekly (London Heathrow & London City)
Basel – (suspended from 5 November)

Boeing 787 services to Zurich on Saturday (BA712 & BA713) ended on 31 October.

Istanbul – 21x weekly
Dalaman – 10x weekly
Bodrum – 2x weekly
Milas – 1x weekly

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