BA Schedules A380 Flights to Frankfurt & Madrid

British Airways will operate the Airbus A380 on selected short haul fights from London Heathrow to Frankfurt and Madrid in November.

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A British Airways Airbus A380 aircraft takes off at London Heathrow airport.
British Airways Airbus A380 at take off, London Heathrow (Image Credit: Heathrow)

British Airways has scheduled the Airbus A380 aircraft on selected flights from London Heathrow to Frankfurt and Madrid in November 2021.

This is in advance of the planned restart of the Airbus A380 on long haul flights to Dubai, Los Angeles and Miami December.

This is being done for the purposes of crew familiarisation as the aircraft is brought back into service having been grounded for more than 18 months.

Timetables indicate that the A380 will operate the following flights from Monday 8 November until Thursday 2 December:

London Heathrow – Frankfurt

Monday – Friday & Sunday:

Flight BA902 Depart London Heathrow 07:10 – Arrive Frankfurt 09:55
Flight BA903 Depart Frankfurt 11:25 – Arrive London Heathrow 12:15


Flight BA908 Depart London Heathrow 15:55 – Arrive Frankfurt 18:40
Flight BA909 Depart Frankfurt 20:10 – Arrive London Heathrow 21:00

London Heathrow – Madrid

Monday – Friday & Sunday:

Flight BA462 Depart London Heathrow 15:15 – Arrive Madrid 18:45
Flight BA463 Depart Madrid 20:15 – Arrive London Heathrow 21:30


Flight BA456 Depart London Heathrow 06:20 – Arrive Madrid 09:55
Flight BA457 Depart Madrid 11:25 – Arrive London Heathrow 12:55

These times are indicative and may vary by day.

BA does not make any guarantees as to which aircraft operate on specific routes. The airline is likely to cap the number of seats sold on these flights to allow for late aircraft substitutions.

Any passengers buying tickets for these flights in hope of flying on the A380 will be bound by normal fare rules if they are subsequently switched to Airbus A320 aircraft. Needless to say, the in flight service will be in line with normal Club Europe / Euro Traveller short haul standards.

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