BA Adds Transatlantic Day Flight From Newark

British Airways has launched a new transatlantic day flight from Newark to London Heathrow.

British Airways Lounge, Terminal B, Newark Liberty International Airport (Image Credit: British Airways)

One of the more reliable pleasures of transatlantic travel are day flights from North America to London Heathrow.

The majority of eastbound flights across the Atlantic are “Red Eye” flights which involve limited sleep on a short flight before an early morning arrival at Heathrow.

There are a handful of day flights which leave the US for London in the morning.

Compared to Red Eye flights these are like, well, night and day. Passengers are in a more relaxed mood. There’s no need to get to sleep over the short flight across the pond.

BA Launches Day Flight From Newark

From Monday 6 June 2022, BA will launch a new transatlantic day flight from Newark to Heathrow.

The flight, BA180, will leave Newark at 07:55 and arrive at London Heathrow at 19:55.

BA will continue to offer two evening services from Newark, meaning there will be three BA return flights between London Heathrow and Newark. Passengers travelling to Newark will also benefit from a new evening departure from London Heathrow.

Currently, the additional flight is due to operate up to Sunday 29 October 2022.

All flights will be operated with Boeing 777-200 aircraft. Like New York JFK, BA aims to offer its Club Suite on all flights between Heathrow and Newark, subject to late changes of aircraft.

Collage of British Airways Club Suite Cabin, Boeing 777 Aircraft, London Heathrow (Image Credit: British Airways)

AA & BA Eastbound Transatlantic Day Flights

BA has most recently operated transatlantic day flights from Boston and New York JFK.

BA’s day flight from New York JFK, BA178, did return briefly for the first time since COVID-19 in late 2021. It is due to restart again from Wednesday 2 March 2022.

American Airlines’ day flight from New York JFK, AA142, will return from Sunday 27 March 2022.

BA’s day flight from Boston, BA238, is due return from Monday 28 March 2022.

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