BA CEO Sean Doyle Makes Management Changes

BA CEO Sean Doyle has made a series of senior management changes at the airline.

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Sean Doyle, Chief Executive & Chairman, British Airways (Image Credit: British Airways)

At the start of the year, BA CEO Sean Doyle announced a series of senior management changes to spearhead the airline’s recovery from COVID-19.

As has been well publicised the start of BA’s busiest travel season since the pandemic has been difficult. The airline has been beset by staff shortages, congestion at Heathrow Terminal 5 and sporadic IT issues.

During the first quarter results presentation of its parent company IAG last week, Sean maintained that the airline’s operational performance is improving.

IAG alluded to further senior management changes at BA. A second set of senior management changes in the space of four months have been reported today by the Financial Times.

Calum Laming, Chief Customer Officer, British Airways
Calum Laming, Chief Customer Officer, British Airways (Image Credit: British Airways)

Calum Laming, who joined BA in April in a newly created role of Director of Business Recovery, becomes Chief Customer Officer.

Before joining the airline Calum was Chief Customer Officer at Vueling and has previously held roles at Air New Zealand, Etihad and Virgin Atlantic.

Tom Stevens, who has held the position of Director of Brand & Customer Experience since April 2021, is to leave the airline for a new role overseas.

As IAG announced last week, the airline’s Operations structure will be split into Technical and Operations. Jason Mahoney, currently Chief Operating Officer, will become Chief Technical Officer. A new executive, to be appointed from outside the airline, will take responsibility for day-to-day operations.

Anthony Allcock, Chief Information and Digital Officer, is leaving the airline and will be replaced by Dirk John who joins from McKinsey and has previously held roles at LATAM and Lufthansa. The airline is in the process of moving legacy IT systems and data centres to a new cloud based platform.

IAG and BA clearly want to show investors and journalists that current issues are being addressed. It has to be said that in longer term there remain forces that will determine the “future size and shape” of the airline, namely the availability of long haul aircraft and IAG’s debt burden. This is something Sean is yet to really comment on despite giving many media interviews as CEO.

History has also shown whatever ideas new executives may have they can only work within the budgets allocated to them by IAG.

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    1. Hi, This website is not affiliated to British Airways so we can’t assist with any customer enquiries. For privacy reasons, I have removed your booking reference numbers from your comment. I’m afraid I can’t offer assistance other than to confirm you do need contact BA in advance of travel to secure an extra seat for a musical instrument. If you can’t get any further with BA’s call centres, you could try contacting BA via its official Twitter account:

  2. I am extremely dissatisfied with British Airways I have written to the CEO Sean Doyle never responded I have gone through there executive services no one is talking to me this has been over a year and I’m getting the runaround and tired of being treated like dirt I am requesting a refund for a ticket that I made online prior to Covid to travel on British Airways they transferred it to a evil chair and tell me that now I requested it and don’t want a refund which is BS and now I’ve been in the hospital for colon cancer and can’t travel and they still refuse to issue me a refund

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