Airportr Expands BA Luggage Collection Service To Geneva

Passengers flying with British Airways from Geneva can use Airportr to have their luggage collected in advance of travelling to the airport.

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Picture of Airportr employee tagging bag of British Airways passenger.
British Airways & Airportr Partnership (Image Credit: British Airways)

British Airways has, for many years, partnered with the luggage collection service Airportr.

Airportr offers passengers the option to have their luggage collected from their home, office or hotel at pre-arranged time up to 24 hours before departure.

Luggage is then checked-in with BA on their behalf. This leaves passengers free to travel to the airport without their luggage in tow and to collect their bags at their final destination.

Before COVID-19 this service was expanded to a number of airlines and airports until it was suspended during the pandemic.

Airportr is no longer available to BA passengers at Gatwick and Manchester, but it is now available to BA passengers flying from Geneva.

You can also use Airportr if flying with American Airlines from Heathrow and SWISS from Geneva & Zurich. Airportr expects to resume services with a number of other airlines in due course.

There are conditions attached to using the service, such as having checked-in online in advance and all passengers having their passports available for inspection at collection. Full details are available from Airportr.

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