British Airways Heathrow Long Haul Winter Schedule Changes

British Airways will operate the Boeing 777-300 aircraft on London – Singapore – Sydney from Sunday 30 October 2022.

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A British Airways Airbus A380 aircraft takes off at London Heathrow airport.
British Airways Airbus A380 at take off, London Heathrow (Image Credit: Heathrow)

British Airways is updating its long haul schedules at London Heathrow for the winter travel season.

This runs from Sunday 30 October 2022 to Saturday 26 March 2023. These changes are preliminary. Some have only been applied to the start of the season and may extend further.

Unsurprisingly, the general trend is capacity reduction.

There will be more changes to come. This particularly for Hong Kong due to travel restrictions and Tokyo due to the closure of Russian airspace.

Aircraft Changes

The headline change is that Heathrow – Singapore – Sydney (BA15 & BA16) will be upgraded to a Boeing 777-300 aircraft.

This is the first time BA has operated the aircraft on this route since COVID-19. This will benefit passengers in Club World who are almost guaranteed to have the Club Suites rather than the old yin-yang cabin.

BA still intends to reinstate a second daily flight to Singapore from Sunday 6 November. BA11 & BA12 will operate with either a Boeing 787 or 777 aircraft.

BA has scaled back plans to fly the Airbus A380 twice daily on Heathrow – Johannesburg.

BA55 & BA56 will operate with a Boeing 787-9 instead of the A380 until at least January 2023. BA57 & BA54 will still operate with the A380.

As is par the course lots of routes rotate between Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 & 777-200 aircraft.

Route Suspensions

Bangkok is suspended for the winter season.

Orlando is also suspended at Heathrow from 2 December to 26 March 2023. It continues year round at Gatwick.

Schedule Reductions

Many routes are subject to frequency reductions, particularly at the start of the season. These include:

Seattle is cut to once daily for the winter season. The BA53 / BA52 rotation is cancelled.

Los Angeles is cut to twice daily until at least early December. The BA283 / BA282 rotation is cancelled.

Houston continues to have periodic cuts from twice to once daily throughout the season.

New Orleans is cut from a planned 5 to 3 times weekly service. The Friday & Sunday flights are cancelled.

A planned increase of Dubai and Mumbai to three daily flights has been scaled back to two until at least early December.

Delhi is cut to daily until at least late November.

Rio de Janeiro will operate three times weekly until at least late November.

Santiago will operate three times weekly for the whole season.

Airport Terminal Changes

BA starts a phased transfer from Terminal 7 to 8 at New York JFK from mid-November.

From Thursday 17 November, the last flight from Heathrow to New JFK, BA183, arrives at Terminal 8.

From Friday 18 November, the first flight from New York JFK to Heathrow, BA178, departs from Terminal 8.

From Thursday 1 December, all flights between London Gatwick / Heathrow and New York JFK operate at Terminal 8.

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4 thoughts on “British Airways Heathrow Long Haul Winter Schedule Changes”

    1. There’s no sign of the route returning I’m afraid. This may change when BA gets staff numbers back up after the end of the year and starts receiving new aircraft.

  1. Hi will the Airbus 380 be flying from Heathrow to Sydney in April 2023 if so what date

    1. Hi, Unfortunately British Airways does not operate the Airbus A380 to Sydney. BA is due to operate the Boeing 787-9 aircraft to Sydney during April 2023.

      BA’s codeshare partner Qatar Airways will operate the A380 to Sydney via Doha (BA flight numbers BA7010 / BA6394).

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