Hôtel William Gray – Montréal

Our review of one of Montréal’s newest independent boutique properties: Hôtel William Gray, located in Old Montréal.

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Hotel Room, Hôtel William Gray, Montréal
Hotel Room, Hôtel William Gray, Montréal (Image Credit: London Air Travel)

It’s a relatively quiet period in August, so it’s time to take a diversion from our usual flight path with some hotel reviews.

The city of Montréal has always had an independent spirit. This is non more so than with its hotels. Whilst all the major chains are represented in the city, none, bar the W Montréal, really stir any interest. There are, however, lots of interesting independent hotels. One of the most recent is Hôtel William Gray which opened in 2016.

Hôtel William Gray

The hotel is located at 421 Rue Saint Vincent in Old Montréal, which is convenient for all the major tourist spots.

It is within walking distance, though perhaps not with heavy luggage, from Champ-de-Mars metro station. Valet parking is available at the hotel.

The hotel comprises two historical buildings, Maison Edward-William-Gray and Maison du Cabinet-de-Côme-Séraphin-Cherrier and a new 9 storey building, which houses most of the rooms, built around an exterior courtyard.

The hotel features two external terraces (a very popular feature in a city that does not take its relatively short summer for granted), a spa, a fitness room and expansive event facilities.

As well as the hotel, the building features a public coffee shop Café Olimpico and the “Off The Hook” boutique.

Judging by the crowds at weekends, the hotel bars are clearly popular with locals but, importantly, don’t interfere with the guests’ experience.

The Living Room

One of the stand-out features of this hotel is its ground floor public lounge area, The Living Room.

Hotels have long tried to make their public lobbies into a design statement. This may not be the grandest or most capacious space you have seen in a hotel. But it is great example of just doing something really, really, well. There’s a wide variety of seating and high quality furniture you’d be happy to have in your own home.

The Living Room, Hôtel William Gray, Montréal.
The Living Room, Hôtel William Gray, Montréal. (Image Credit: London Air Travel)

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