BA to codeshare with Bangkok Airways to Phuket, Koh Samui & Chiang Mai

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British Airways Logo (Image Credit: British Airways)
British Airways Logo (Image Credit: British Airways)

British Airways has today confirmed that it is, with immediate effect, to offer codeshares with Bangkok Airways on flights from Bangkok to Phuket, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, and from Singapore to Koh Samui. These are three of the eight destinations in Thailand served by Bangkok Airways.

The move is not surprising. Both Bangkok and Singapore have previously acted as a “scissor hub” for British Airways and Qantas to provide onward connections to numerous cities in Australia. Although these codeshares between British Airways and Qantas are still in place, these are less competitive for passengers arriving from London. This is because Qantas has retimed its Australia bound flights from Bangkok and Singapore after ceasing to fly from London to Bangkok and Singapore.

BA has also downgraded the Bangkok route from a four class Boeing 747 to a three class Boeing 777 from 27 October 2013, indicating under performance on this route.

These codeshares can only be booked when connecting to / from a BA long-haul flight.

Below are the timings of the onward codeshare flights with Bangkok Airways and to judge the effectiveness of various connection options, here are the timings of BA’s flights between London, Bangkok and Singapore.

Flight BA9: London – Bangkok Depart 22:05 Arrive 15:20
Flight BA10: Bangkok – London Depart 00:20 Arrive 06:25

(From 27 October 2013, the flight to Bangkok will arrive at 09:20 in the morning and depart at 10:55.)

Flight BA11: London – Singapore Depart 19:15 Arrive 15:05
Flight BA15: London – Singapore Depart 21:15 Arrive 17:30

Flight BA12: Singapore – London Depart 22:55 Arrive 05:00
Flight BA16: Singapore – London Depart 23:05 Arrive 05:30*

(From 27 October 2013, BA15 will be retimed from 27 October 2013 to arrive in Singapore at 18:45 in the evening.)

Flights after the change in British Airways’ Bangkok and Singapore flight times have not yet been loaded.

Bangkok – Phuket – Bangkok

Flight BA4169: Bangkok – Phuket Depart 16:55 Arrive 18:20
Flight BA4171: Bangkok – Phuket Depart 19:45 Arrive 21:10
Flight BA4156: Bangkok – Phuket Depart 21:55 Arrive 23:20

Flight BA4168: Phuket – Bangkok Depart 14:35 Arrive 16:00
Flight BA4175: Phuket – Bangkok Depart 16:10 Arrive 17:35
Flight BA4172: Phuket – Bangkok Depart 19:10 Arrive 20:35

Singapore – Koh Samui – Singapore

Flight BA4192: Singapore – Koh Samui Depart 20:35 Arrive 21:20

Flight BA4191: Koh Samui – Singapore Depart 16:35 Arrive 19:20

Bangkok – Koh Samui – Bangkok

Flight BA7982: Bangkok – Koh Samui Depart 18:05 Arrive 19:35
Flight BA7995: Bangkok – Koh Samui Depart 20:00 Arrive 21:05
Flight BA7993: Bangkok – Koh Samui Depart 19:45 Arrive 21:15
Flight BA7997: Bangkok – Koh Samui Depart 20:45 Arrive 21:50
Flight BA7999: Bangkok – Koh Samui Depart 21:00 Arrive 22:00

Flight BA7964: Koh Samui – Bangkok Depart 13:00 Arrive 14:30
Flight BA7962: Koh Samui – Bangkok Depart 13:50 Arrive 14:55
Flight BA7970: Koh Samui – Bangkok Depart 14:30 Arrive 15:35
Flight BA7968: Koh Samui – Bangkok Depart 14:45 Arrive 15:50
Flight BA4190: Koh Samui – Bangkok Depart 15:05 Arrive 16:35
Flight BA7972: Koh Samui – Bangkok Depart 15:35 Arrive 16:40
Flight BA7978: Koh Samui – Bangkok Depart 18:15 Arrive 19:20
Flight BA4194: Koh Samui – Bangkok Depart 19:00 Arrive 20:05
Flight BA7984: Koh Samui – Bangkok Depart 19:15 Arrive 20:45
Flight BA7986: Koh Samui – Bangkok Depart 20:05 Arrive 21:35
Flight BA7996: Koh Samui – Bangkok Depart 21:45 Arrive 22:50
Flight BA4192: Koh Samui – Bangkok Depart 22:00 Arrive 23:05

Bangkok – Chiang Mai – Bangkok

Flight BA4155: Bangkok – Chiang Mai Depart 17:00 Arrive 18:15
Flight BA4157: Bangkok – Chiang Mai Depart 20:30 Arrive 21:45

Flight BA4179: Chiang Mai – Bangkok Depart 14:40 Arrive 16:00
Flight BA4162: Chiang Mai – Bangkok Depart 16:35 Arrive 17:55
Flight BA4156: Chiang Mai – Bangkok Depart 19:00 Arrive 20:20

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