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Virgin Atlantic Safety Demonstration Trip
Virgin Atlantic Safety Demonstration Trip (Image Credit: Virgin Atlantic / Art & Graft)

Over the past few years there has been something of an industry in the development of in-flight safety demonstrations that seem designed just as much for sharing on social media as they are for advising passengers of aircraft safety procedures.

The leader in this field has been Air New Zealand and the latest contribution to this genre comes from Virgin Atlantic. Here is its new safety demonstration which will be featured on aircraft from 1 March 2014.

Produced by the London based design agency Art&Graft the six minute film uses a number of cult & classic cinematic references over different scenes to convey the required safety information.

The production is certainly to a very high standard and clearly a lot of thought has gone into the film. However, the film itself does feel long. We are also unsure how the film may be received by those whose first language is not English.

Art&Graft have also provided an extensive catalogue of screenshots, storyboards, characters and ideas that did not make the final cut on its website.

One final point: We do find it frustrating that passengers don’t exercise the basic courtesy of watching and listening to the safety demonstration. Procedures do vary by aircraft and it’s easy to forget certain aspects of them (we would put money on many passengers seated backwards in BA Club World adopting the wrong brace position if instructed to do so). And if anything, it’s also basic manners!

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