BA adds Chennai to its roster of Boeing 787 destinations

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British Airways Boeing 787-8
British Airways Boeing 787-8 (Image Credit: British Airways)

British Airways continues to expand its network of Boeing 787-8 destinations as it takes delivery of further aircraft. Some 42 of them are on order in total.

The Boeing 787-8 is currently flying on selected flights from London Heathrow to Toronto and Newark.

From 24 October 2014, the aircraft will fly to Chennai daily. This currently served six weekly by a Boeing 777-200.

Also joining the list of 787 destinations later this year are:

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A new route from 3 March 2014, initially five weekly.


Replaces daily Boeing 777-200 from 30 March 2014.


Replaces current thrice weekly Boeing 777-200 from 5 May 2014 with five weekly 787 flights.


Selected daily flights from 5 June 2014, replacing Boeing 767.


Replaces daily Boeing 767 from 5 July 2014.

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