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Virgin Atlantic Logo (Image Credit: Virgin Atlantic)
Virgin Atlantic Logo (Image Credit: Virgin Atlantic)

Virgin Atlantic’s latest TV advertising campaign bearing the slogan “Let It Fly” launched in the UK this weekend.

This advertisement is noteworthy as it is the first produced for Virgin Atlantic by its recently appointed advertising agency adam&eveddb.

The advertisement begins with a man developing a business idea and successfully pitching the idea to prospective investors, whilst travelling with Virgin Atlantic en route. It ends with the message “Life doesn’t come to you. So go to it.”

The advertisement is aimed squarely at the business traveller. This is just as Virgin Atlantic’s joint-venture with Delta Airlines enters into a state of maturity, with Virgin Atlantic routes to Cape Town, Mumbai, Vancouver and Tokyo suspended, in favour of increased frequencies to key US cities such as New York and Los Angeles.

As with previous advertising campaigns, Virgin Atlantic’s London Heathrow “Upper Class Wing”, Heathrow Clubhouse lounge and its on board Upper Class suite and bar feature prominently. As do Virgin Atlantic staff.

However, compared to previous advertising campaigns, the advertisement is more modest and the confidence and “glamour” that Virgin used to exude in advertisements such as its 2009 “Still Red Hot” and “Your airline has either got it or it hasn’t” has been toned down a little (no shots of red shoes!). Virgin Atlantic’s premium economy and economy cabins do not feature at all.

The advertisement reminds us a little of BA’s 2002 “It’s Better To Be There” and 2009 “A World Of Opportunities” campaigns.

The key message of all these advertisements is that business is done face to face and to get business done you need to be there.

The Virgin Atlantic advertisement is voiced by Andy Serkis and the backing music is “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode.

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