British Airways Suspends London – Bergen & Stavanger

British Airways is to suspend flights from London Heathrow to Bergen and Stavanger from 28 October 2017.

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British Airways is to suspend flights from London Heathrow to Bergen Flesland airport and Stavanger Sola airport from Saturday 28 October 2017. 

These routes were inherited by BA when its parent company International Airlines Group acquired bmi in 2012.  The reason for the suspension is poor commercial performance.

The last flights will operate on Saturday 28 October 2017.

Passengers who are currently booked to fly from London Heathrow from Sunday 29 October 2017 have the option of:

  • A full refund
  • Rebook on to an alternative flight to/from Bergen and Stavengar from Friday 1 September 2017 to Saturday 28 October 2017 
  • Rebooking on to an alternative BA operated flight between London Heathrow and Oslo up to 14 days before/after your original travel date.  However, any consequential costs such as ground transportation must be met at your own expense

BA has not yet announced any rebooking arrangements with rival airlines.  It normally takes time for these to be agreed and further details may be announced over the next few days.

For passengers looking at alternative routes from late October, other direct options include Norwegian from London Gatwick to Bergen and Stavanger and SAS from London Heathrow to Stavanger.

Affected passengers should contact BA or your travel agent.

2 thoughts on “British Airways Suspends London – Bergen & Stavanger”

  1. It seems that BA has decided that stopping a service is easier than finding alternative solutions, such as down sizing the aircraft to meet the demand.
    It’s a shame that BA took over BMI to enter the low cost airline business yet has failed to grasp that the customer actually needs a service, now removed
    Yet another route to the west of Norway stopped, after the ferries were cancelled in 2007.
    Bergen has just opened up an international terminal with wider routes than before, yet Heathrow is not possible anymore!
    I have no choice but to use Norwegian Air now to Gatwick- frankly a lousy airport to get to.
    Our families and friends visit us often- they also will need to fly Norwegian
    As a business we fly 1500 people a season, April to September, from London to Bergen- 30% use BA, and more would have except your flight times were not ideal , having lost the evening flight.
    Sorry, but very unimpressed that there is no direct competion anymore which will inevitably push prices up.
    Maybe this is the plan!
    An ex- loyal BA frequent flyer

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