British Airways Reopens Lounges In Europe

British Airways has started to reopen its airport lounges in mainland Europe following their closure due to COVID-19.

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British Airways Lounge, Rome Fiumicino Airport (Image Credit: British Airways)

British Airways has started to reopen its lounges in mainland Europe.

The airline has, today Wednesday 20 October 2021, reopened its lounge at Rome Fiumicino airport.

It is understood from a public LinkedIn post from a member of BA’s lounge management team that the BA lounge Milan Linate airport will reopen on Friday 22 October.

British Airways Lounge Milan Linate Airport (Image Credit: British Airways)

BA’s lounge at Geneva airport reopens on Friday 29 October.

British Airways lounge, Geneva airport (Image Credit: British Airways)

This follows the reopening of the majority of BA lounges in the US.

BA has over the past 20 years significantly reduced its own lounges in mainland Europe as these have been progressively handed back to airports or third party lounge operators.

Full details on what lounges are available to BA passengers at airports worldwide as well as location and opening hours are available on the Oneworld alliance website.

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